How to reach 30fps for the max resolution for imx219


based on sony datasheet for imx219, the sensor supports 30fps at max resolution 3264 x 2464, yet only 21fps is applicable (sensor will round it to 21 fps only)

Any hint how to reach the max fps of 30 in this mode.

same with @720p, it can support up to 180 fps but the available based on the output is 120 fps

I’m using the leopard LI-IMX219-MIPI-FF-NANO


Mind to share how you measured the FPS?

This is the sensor limitation, imx219@3264x2644 only can get 21fps.
Does 720p support to 180fps? If yes you may need SONY to get the configure to enable it.

it is shown in the gst pipeline output in the terminal

the sensor datasheet shows that it can deliver up to 30fps @@3264x2644. the same for 720p @180fps

please have a look at:

Max. 30frame/s in all-pixel scan mode
180 frame/s @720p with 2x2 analog (special) binning, 60 frame/s @1080p with V-crop

Current design is 2 lanes that could be limited the frame rate.

in this case, we are not able to utilize the full power of the sensor for the only official supported camera. i hope that nvidia do something about the 4-lane interface on the board.

The HW was design as 2 lanes already, redesign the HW should be necessary for this request.