How to register custom plugin on TensorRT optimizer

Hi, i have implemented custom plugin for Tile operator, but when i try to generate tensorrt model (my model is using onnx). i got following error

[01-06-2023 23:59:21] (Unnamed Layer* 30) [Slice]: the start input tensors must be specified if any dynamic tensor is specified.
[01-06-2023 23:59:21] ModelImporter.cpp:140: No importer registered for op: Tile. Attempting to import as plugin.
While parsing node number 16 [Tile]:
ERROR: builtin_op_importers.cpp:2193 In function importFallbackPluginImporter:
[8] Assertion failed: creator && “Plugin not found”
[01-06-2023 23:59:21] Releasing Driveworks SDK Context
Error: DW_FILE_INVALID: DNNGenerator: Unable to parse ONNX model.

The .so file is in same folder as tensorrt_optimization tools
and the plugin.json is like this
“” : [“Tile”]

  • Driveworks4.0
  • Tensorrt 6

what is wrong?

Same issue, please help

Dear @13519197,
It seems to you are posting issue wrong forum. I am moving it under DRIVE AGX Xavier Forum.

Did you verify your TensorRT model generation and test the model using TRT APIs or trtexec before checking with TensorRT_Optimizer tool? Is it working?

I am the same person with the author. @SivaRamaKrishnaNV

Lets move here

I just follow whats written on this DriveWorks SDK Reference: DNN Plugins

There is no verify tensorrt model generation or something . How to do that?
Seems like my custom plugin is not identified as Tile layer or something