How to remove PD controller and setting configuration

hi NV team
We follow the TYPE-C design guide ( figure 7-2,except the PD controller) on custom ORIN carrier board.
Type C keyboard work fine in UEFI mode but in ubuntu environment doesn’t work.
In recovery mode (device mode),module can be detected,too.
No any handshake signal detected on scope
I guess it need to modify some configuration
Is any suggestion ?
We use external hardware pin to switch CC pin

Document first.

Hi WayneWWW
Read Under the usci_ccg Node and topic
I confused ,is available to disable/remove PD controller ?
PD controller is essential for ORIN system ? or optional ?(using USB0+UPHY1 to USB3.2 port)

We want this USB port to recovery and normal host mode ,OTG is dispensable .
For our ORIN syetem(USB0+UPHY1 )port is like TYPE-A form ,due to external hardware CC function


  1. Recovery mode is pure hardware design mechanism. If your board cannot go into recovery mode, then it is definitely your hardware design mistake

  2. The document is for the kernel behavior. The PD is not mandatory on custom board. Removing PD is a very common even since Xavier AGX.

The topic you are referring to is just because that user tried to modify usb in developer preview. The software and document are not ready at that time (last year).

hi WayneWWW

I find guide in Xavier topic, it same on ORIN too?

Do you want to fix recovery mode issue or you want fix something else? Or you don’t know what to fix here?

Recovery Mode can be detected by host PC,there is no issue.
I mentioned before is describe USB0 port is fine in Recovery mode

So you want to fix issue in UEFI + kernel?

Document for kernel part configuration.

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