How to run Deepstream-yolo-app for RTSP stream instead of a h.264 video file

Is it possible to change file-source to stream in deepstream-yolo-app.cpp?
If so, how can we achieve this.

Yes you can. Please have a look at the test3 app in the Deepstream SDK. Make sure to go through the README which explains the gstreamer pipeline being built in the app.

Hi @NvCJR,
I looked into test3 app in the Deepstream SDK. I wanted to know if I could modify test3 app to take the yolo-infernece-engine directly?
We tried changing primary-inference-engine to yolo-inference-engine but this didn’t seem to work.

also to me it is not clear how to do it, it is possible to have an example or more information on how to use a streaming rtsp?


As i mentioned earlier, please have a look at test 3 sample (which explains how to create a pipeline with rtsp input) and create a new thread if you have any specific questions.