How to run Nvidia CUDA v8.0.27 in Visual Studio on Windows 10 ?

I am trying to render in Blender using GPU Cycles rendering. I get this message: “Cuda binary kernel for this graphics card compute capability (6.1) not found.”
My existing Nvidia Driver is version - 368.81
I have this installed - but can’t open it C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit]CUDA\v8.0
To install this it says I need to install
C:\ProgramFiles (x86)Microsoft VS Code
Visual Studio Code
installed GitHub to be able to install Python/Visual Studio
I can’t find instructions on how to do this & what I find makes no sense - how to run Nvidia CUDA in Visual Studio (This does not list Windows 10 as a supported operating system)

If you’ve installed cuda_8.0.27_win10.exe on your machine, do a file search for


and start reading. If you haven’t installed it, then the same file is available here:

But you may need to be logged in with your developer credentials to access that link – not sure. (Incidentally, this link is found on the page where you dowloaded the CUDA 8 windows installer)

It clearly indicates win10 as a supported operating system. And yes, you must have an appropriate version of VS installed for this to be useful - the appropriate versions and system requirements are covered in the doc. Note that the VS2015 versions listed there assume VS2015 update 1 - Update 2 and 3 are not supported - yet.

Whether or not all this will help you resolve the blender issue I cannot say. It appears that whatever executable you are using has been compiled without PTX, therefore it must include a compiled binary object for your GPU. To fix that, you would have to be able to recompile the source code for that under the CUDA 8 toolkit.