How to save output image when running deepstream-image-decode-test?

Hi, dear NVIDIA community!

I tried to launch deepstream-image-decode-test on the single image. With this command:

./deepstream-image-decode-app ./image.jpg

It works, but the output image (with bounding box and label) lasts only a few milliseconds.

How can I save the output image of the inference?

Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

System Info:

  • DeepStream 5.0.1
  • JetPack Version 4.4.1
  • TensorRT Version
  • Jetson Nano

What do you mean with “save the output image”? Do you want to save the output with bbox and labels to a jpeg image? There are many ways to implement it, but all need to change the code of deepstream-image-decode-test. E.G. current pipeline is for display the output on screen, you can change the pipeline to save the output to file.

Hello, thanks for answer.
My bad. Yes, I mean to save output image as the JPEG/JPG file on the computer. Could you please give the references where I can read about pipeline construction in more details. I am quite new to deepstream and gstreamer technologies.

Returning to your answer, if starting from the code provided in deepstream_image_decode_test.c file, I need to define jpegenc and filesink objects in the pipeline, right?

Thanks in advance.

Yes. You also need to create one more nvvideoconvert.

SUggest you start with gstreamer first. It will be hard for you to understand deepstream sample codes if you don’t have basic knowledge for gstreamer.

Great. Thank you Fiona. I will try and come back.