The official instance is running incorrectly

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

• DeepStream Version 5
• TensorRT Version 7
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version 460
• Issue Type questions

When I’m running the official sample code in ‘apps/sample_apps/deepstream-image-decode-test’
This example is to demonstrate image decoding instead of video.
But I got a video output, why?

MJPEG(Motion JPEG Motion JPEG - Wikipedia) is a stream with many images. You got all the images output.

thanks, but how can i got 1 image and output only one?
also , I want to save this output to the specified folder

If you input only one jpeg image, then you will get only one output.

Current deepstream-image-decode-test displays the output on screen. If you want to save the output as image file, you need to modify the code to change the pipeline, change the sink to filesink, add nvvideoconvert and jpegenc after nvdsosd.

Thank you. Is there an official example code for saving a single reasoning image?

No. It is just a normal gstreamer jpegenc case. jpegenc (