How to set lineinfo in compile?

In my understanding, -lineinfo set line number in Page: Source.
But it says (File Not Found)

I use tf32TensorCoreGemm in cuda-samples with attached changes.(patch and ncu-ui view is attached)
Is there any instruction to include the code line info?

line.patch (445 Bytes)

It is written in the document.

In Host machine, source code resolve is not effective. For this case, we need to point the source code by Resolve button.

Only filenames are shown in the view, together with a File Not Found error, if the source files cannot be found in their original location. This can occur, for example, if the report was moved to a different system. Select a filename and click the Resolve button above to specify where this source can be found on the local filesystem. However, the view always shows the source files if the import source option was selected during profiling, and the files were available at that time. If a file is found in its original or any source lookup location, but its attributes don't match, a File Mismatch error is shown. See the Source Lookup options for changing file lookup behavior.

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