How To Set The Black Level Of Sensor?

Hi All,

I used nvgstcapture-1.0 to get the stream from ar0221, but it looks fogged up with white mist, I think it don’t subtract the black level. So, is there any tool or way to set black level for sensor driver?

Did you get this sensor from partner?
Current only support camera partner for this feature.

No, I bought this sensor myself. If I don’t set black level, please how to get more clear image?

Hi ShaneCCC,

Are there any camera tools to tune for the WDR sensor? I found that some camera profile on /var/nvidia/nvcam/settings direcotry.

Sorry, the tuning tools only available for the camera partner.
For you tuning you may need to consult with the partner.

Hi ShaneCCC,

How to become nvidia camera partner? There’s on nvidia camera partner can provide us with the product, our company have to develop them ourselves with NX platform.

Please find the camera partner product and info from:

Hi kayccc,

I found the support camera, but they don’t include the AR0221. So I think we need more tool to tune the sensor. Our company is a Night Vision system vendor and is developing our own product with NX platform.

You can contact with them for the driver developing and sensor tuning support.