How to set the time delay of SPI while sending data

Hi teams

Recently,We are Using SPI function,We use spi2 act as slave mode.
STM32’s SPI peripherals are used as the master.
1) Master device can send normally, and slave device can receive normally and display
receiver data.
2) However, the master device can not receive the data sent from the slave device
correctly, and the display is garbled

Could you help me check it ?


Does both of send/receive data at the same speed?

Hi ShaneCCC

Yes the speed and mode are the same.

Hi ShaneCCC

The gpio which setting as below

sudo ./devmem2 0x0243d008 w 0x00000440
sudo ./devmem2 0x0243d060 w 0x00000440
sudo ./devmem2 0x0243d048 w 0x00000444
sudo ./devmem2 0x0243d018 w 0x00000448
sudo ./devmem2 0x0243d028 w 0x00000448

Is that any problem of spi2 gpio pinmux ?

Could you check with SPI loopback test to confirm the pinmux was correct.

Hi ShaneCCC

I test the two xavier one for master and another for slave,
Communication is normal

So it’s specific device problem?
I don’t have idea about it now. Will check internally to check if can give suggestion.

Hi ShaneCCC

Is there any progress about it ?

Hi ShaneCCC

Is there any other plan to try

Sorry, I don’t have idea for this now.
May need to consult with vendor to get advice.