How to specify the single gpu in mosaic mode within deepstream-app code(c/c++)

In the mosaic mode, when I specify the GPU in the deepstream-test3 (we have two GPUs), the running code will prompt that the device does not support (CUDA 804).
Who can help solve this problem?
Thank you very much!

My code looks like this:

if (g_strstr_len (name, -1, "nvv4l2decoder") == name) {
        g_object_set (object, "gpu-id", 0, NULL);

Can you specify the GPUs details?

Thank you very much for your reply!

When I don’t use mosaic mode, the code can execute normally.

The environment in which I run the above code is as follows:

  1. two NVIDIA Quadro P1000 GPUs
  2. Driver Version: 460.91.03
  3. deepstream-4.0

Can you tell what is mosaic mode?

The mosaic mode is an multi-display technology of NVIDIA.

I set it like this:

please do below and try the app again

After I added that environment variable, I ran the code, and the result was the same as before.
It will prompt “Cuda failure: status=801”

We do not support or test this platform nor mosaic mode. We recommend trying another solution than DeepStream. You may explore - Instead of tiling all the sources as done in test3 app, demux all the sources and feed it to different sink components and set display window of sources accordingly for all 16 sources. Also we usually recommend using latest version of deepstream.

Thank you for your reply!
If I have two P1000 GPUs, how can I make the monitors connected to these two GPUs display?
For example, we connect 8 monitors on these two cards, and each monitor can display a video stream.

From hardware, each P1000 connected with 4 monitors, from software side, please refer comment 9#

Thank you for your reply!
However, the problem is that if the mosaic mode is not used, only the four monitors connected to one card can display normally, while the four monitors on the other card cannot display.
In addition, what is the comment 9#?

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

You have same two cards, it does not make sense the other four monitors on the other card cannot display. please specify more details.