How to talk with the graphic driver?

I have the problem that I developed a game, but it is not recognized as a game by the graphics driver (in my case Geforce) and continues to run with the underpowered CPU graphics chip, even though a powerful graphics card is installed.
This problem is especially true for laptops that do their standard operation with the Intel graphics unit to save electricity, but then switch to the graphics card in power-consuming applications such as computer games!
Some have also complained about the poor performance in Steam in the reviews and after more detailed inquiries it also turns out that they have the same problem as me on my second computer, which is a laptop.
What do I have to do so that the graphics driver knows that it should switch to the powerful components of the computer in my application without manually specifying each time because I can not expect anyone to do this and this should actually happen automatically as it does with any other game makes.
I wrote my game in GameMaker Studio 2 with the language GML (if that helps a little)