[CRITICAL CONDITION] "NVIDIA graphics driver is not compatible with this version of Windows"

To Whom It May Concern,

Good evening.
I have a problem regarding the malfunction of my graphics card to my laptop. It seems that my “Version of Windows” cannot detect my current graphics card which I’m using for several years now. It’s only this time that I updated my Windows and afterwards the graphics card isn’t working already. I tried to play one of my games and I kinda noticed that I’m not playing it the way it was supposed to be smooth back then. Then I checked that the only CPU/GPU that was named after is “Intel” which isn’t my graphics card.

I checked my Device Manager and found out that my Display Adapter only shows Intel. When I ticked “Show Hidden Devices” I saw that my NVIDIA graphics card appeared but isn’t enabled. I right clicked it and it only shows Update Driver or Uninstall. There isn’t any option of Enable/Disable. I tried to press the “Update Driver” and it does nothing so what I did was, I uninstalled the device from Device Manager and tried to download the same driver that I know. Then soon after, upon installing, it says that it isn’t compatible with the version of Windows.

I tried almost everything that I found from the internet. My recent activity was I used DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) via Safe Mode and tried to reinstall the driver. But it still hasn’t solve the problem. So I tried to reach out to NVIDIA customer service but then I found this forum. I’ve been stressed out for weeks just for my graphics card to work again. I hope you could help me out. And sorry for my bad English. I did my best to express it with how I can explain it thoroughly. Hopefully you could help me out. Thank you! crying emoji