GeForce GTX 760 driver problem on Windows 10


I make update for windows 8 to windows 10 and the I can not install the driver with out error.

I remove the old driver and install the new one

I make automatic detect and update in the Nvidia site

And its not work I have ! near the display adapter in the system

The windows Home edition with last update

search for

DDU - Display Driver Uninstaller

use that app or program to completely uninstall your current driver
make sure you go to control panel and everything related to nvidia has been completely uninstalled

if not then uninstall whatever is left, any trace of the previous driver

now you can use nvidia site to look for the right driver or manually search for it
but make sure you choose or select the right one

when you are going to install the new driver , go to custom advance and check

perform a clean installation

anyway this is the latest for driver for your card
but i don’t know if you have a 64 bit system or a 32 bit system
i included the 64 bit version because i think nvidia is no longer making the 32 bit version

64 bit

also there is another 760 which is the ti version
this driver work with both cards

best of luck

if you have a 32 bit windows version that might be a problem
specially if your CPU can’t run a 64 bit os
really hope that is not the case