Windows 10 update - unable to re-install K20x

Hi All

I had previously disabled Windows updates, however a sneaky security update got through and fried my system. It changed my Nvidia drivers and now it won’t let me re-install any Video driver. I have tried the custom “Clean install”, putting the machine in Developer mode to handle unsigned drivers. However the Driver for the K20x will not install. Has anyone else experienced this, the update happened on the 25/02, and I have not been able to get it back up an running.


Try DDU to uninstall NVIDIA drivers completely – and attempt a re-install. Make sure that the card is still detected correctly. If you cannot get it to work with the (broken) system, try it on a different system just to double check that the card still works correctly.

Also try O&O ShutUp10 – to disable updates/etc if that is what you desire.

Edit: Just saw your posted image, which is of a different error:

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