How to turn off hybrid mode and switch to discrete NVIDIA GPU on Ubuntu 22?

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I have the exact same machine and unable to use Nvidia GPU on Ubuntu. It said the solution was to turn off hybrid mode and switch to Nvidia GPU only. Does anyone know how to do that on Ubuntu? Also, will it mean I’d have to always plug the charger in and I won’t be able to use laptop’s display? And since it’s a dual boot, would these settings affect Windows too?

It’s a bios setting.

No, the display will work, driven by the nvidia gpu then.

Higher power consumption is to be expected.

Rather don’t do that.
Please run as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (410.6 KB)

What’s another way to use the gpu on Ubuntu?

Your logs look fine, the nvidia driver is correctly set up, the nvidia gpu is in offload mode.
Offload mode means, you’ll have to explicitly tell an application to use the nvidia gpu. Depending on distro, you can right-click on an icon and select “run on dgpu”. Another way is starting from terminal or script, prepending
in Steam, add
to start-up options.
You can also switch to nvidia gpu as always used by running sudo prime-select nvidia and reboot. This of course leads to a higher power consumption but doesn’t have any effect on Windows.

I see, where can i check whether the GPU is in offload mode?
I ran sudo prime_select nvidia, could you check if its set up correctly?

nvidia-bug-report.log-1.gz (372.7 KB)

You are now switched correctly to nvidia as primary gpu. You can always check which gpu is used by running
glxinfo -B
in a terminal.

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