How to update to isaac sim 2022.2.0

i am now using the 2022.1.1 version, I see that there is a 2022.2.0 version in the windows omniverse launcher.
If I click to install a new version, will the old version be automatically overwritten? Or do the two versions coexist in my computer? This software takes up too much disk storage space. I don’t want to install both of them.

Hi @Robo_qq

All installed versions coexist on your computer (in C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\ov\pkg\ folder by default)

If you want to save disk storage space you can uninstall previous versions from Omniverse Launcher

thank you!
I have another question:I saw the Release Notes that in the Assets part has updata some manipulators,where can I get them if I don‘t update to the new version?Is there a Download address that can download this sources?

Hi @Robo_qq

Isaac Sim assets are located in every Nucleus at /NVIDIA/Assets/Isaac folder as indicated in 2. Workstation Installation — Omniverse Robotics documentation

There are folders for each version to avoid conflicts if assets change.

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that’s great

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