Have to re-download Isaac Sim Assets after every REBOOT

Hi all,

I’m using Isaac sim through Omniverse Launcher on my desktop.

On the first run of Isaac sim, the dialog of Download assets pop up, which I understand and it works very well after downloads.

However, every time when I REBOOT my desktop, this dialog will pop up again to ask me to Download assets.
If skipping it, the Isaac sim won’t work even with the examples.
If downloading it, the download stuck at 0.03%, and then I have to remove all the ov related files to re-install all the modules (Cache, Nucleus, Sim) again.

May I ask how to solve this problem?
I really don’t want to re-download assets because it takes too much time.

Thank you very much in advance.

Which version of Isaac Sim are you using? I have used 2021.2.1 instead of 2021.1.1 and have had no problem downloading the Isaac Sim assets.

Thank you! I am using the latest, which is 2021.2.1.

I have no problem downloading in the first run, however the problem is it always requires me to re-download assets if I reboot my desktop.
Do you have any advice for it?


I am not quite sure. That is a strange issue and I am not sure where to progress from there. When I used 2021.2.1 it allowed me to download the isaac assests and when i reboot my computer, it will still keep the assests on next reboot without having to download again. Is there any error output in the log that you can take a snapshot of and place in this chat? Sorry if im not much help but sometimes talking it out helps too!

Hi. This is a known issue. Please see https://docs.omniverse.nvidia.com/app_isaacsim/app_isaacsim/install_basic.html#isaac-sim-first-run.
You can delete the file named “2021.2.0” after the download.

If you prefer not to download, you can use Mounts.

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If possible, could you send a moderator to check on my topic posted in the Omniverse Isaac Sim forum called “Custom URDF Vehicle Moving Backwards using ROS Differential Base”? I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

Sorry, I am not able to help with that issue. Our team is out for the holidays but we will take a look when we are back.

Thank you! I appreciate the response! Happy Holidays!