Known Issue: Assets not downloading

There is a known issue that downloading assets on the first run of Isaac Sim gets stuck at 0%.

This issue will be fixed in Cache 2021.2.2 or later.

A workaround is to disable Cache 2021.2.1:

  1. Go to http://localhost:3080/
  2. Click the Stop button for Cache v.2.4.8-793.
  3. Next, run Isaac Sim and download the asset.
  4. Once the download is done, you can start Cache at http://localhost:3080/

Another workaround while keeping the Cache enabled is to add the Isaac mount on Nucleus.
See 6. Setup FAQ β€” Omniverse Robotics documentation.


For me, it’s still stuck. Is the double slash after a problem?

2021-11-27 18:29:28 [17,336ms] [Info] [omni.isaac.core.utils.nucleus] Downloading asset 1 of 7181 from to omniverse://localhost/Isaac/Environments/Grid/default_environment.usd