Download assets always 0%

My internet connection is OK, but the download progress is always 0%

Can you go to: http://localhost:3080/
Stop cache and then try downloading?

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Me too.
Before this, I was able to download up to 31.5%, but it stopped, so I downloaded it again. "

Ubuntu 20.04
Driver Version: 495.44 CUDA Version: 11.5

After restarting IsaacSim, the download started.

Immediately after restarting IsaacSim, a dialog saying that there is no response from IsaacSim is displayed, but I left it as it is without pressing the button. I waited for the dialog to disappear, then pressed the download button, and it was in this state.

Has completed

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thanks, how did u know this,why …?

I tried this fix, but my download stops at 0,03 %. Have anyone experienced this, and found a solution?

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Same problem here. Stuck on 0.03%

Does the “localhost /Isaac” folder exist?
In that case, delete it.

Then go to: http://localhost:3080/

A fix for this issue is available in Cache 2021.2.2. Please update Cache on Launcher.

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