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I am trying to upgrade my IsaacSim version from 2021.1.1 to 2021.2.1, but I’ve got some problems.

In ‘Checking Nucleus for Isaac Sim Asset’ window, download doesn’t proceed.

I already reinstalled 2021.2.1 version many times, but there was no changes.

I checked the connection, Cache and Nucleus, and it is connected well.

I also can found the debug below.

> [Warning] [omni.kit.widget.filebrowser.model] Can't list directory 'omniverse://': Result.ERROR_CONNECTION

What can I do ?

Thank you !


It looks like there is an issue with your Cache or Nucleus installation. On the image, it shows that Cache is off (The red icon at the top right of Isaac Sim window).
Try reinstalling Cache. You should be able to view your localhost files in Isaac Sim if both Cache and Nucleus is working.

I did it as you command, but it still doesn’t work.

Cache is On and I can view my localhost files in Isaac Sim.

Is there any methods to remove the whole omniverse launcher ?

Thank you

That screenshot looks good. Cache is ON and you can access the localhost Nucleus.
It looks like there is already an Isaac folder on localhost. Maybe you can try delete the Isaac folder and try the download again?
Try running Isaac Sim with the -v or -vv flag to get more logging info.
If you would like to re-install Omniverse you can try the Cleanup tool here: Cleanup-Tool — Omniverse Launcher documentation

Thank you for your kind reply.

I reinstalled Omniverse using the method you mentioned, and it is working now !

I confirmed that I should check “chmod + omniverse-launcher-linux.AppImage” before “./omniverse-launcher-linux.AppImage”.

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