How to use Jetpack on Ubuntu 22.04

Hi, I’m new using Jetson, and I’m trying to use Ubuntu 22.04 in the Jetson Agx orin developer Kit, when I power on the Jetson, the ubuntu version was Ubuntu 20.04, and i upload to the version 22.04, with the command sudo do-release-upgrade. Now I’m not able to install the new Jetpack 6.0, that its able to use in the 22.04 version.

Its necesary to use the SDK manager to make the Jetson on Ubuntu 22.04 with jetpack 6.0 works well ? Or I’m making a noob error?, i don’t really know if its necesary to reinstall again the Ubuntu 22.04 to make it works well.

You should clarify what does this comment mean because I don’t know what kind of command you are talking about…

Ubuntu dont recognize any command that contains the word jetpack.

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