How to use NVCUVENC for latest Nvidia Driver?

I’m built win32 application using DirectShow.
but, update CUDA 6.5 and Nvidia Driver 340.52, not use NVCUVENC.
I stored file nvcuvenc.dll for CUDA 6.0 and Nvidia Driver 332.88 before updated.
I’m copy that file to C:\windows\System32 (Windows 7 32bit).
and registered dll file regsvr32 nvcuvenc.dll.

In my application, I’m succeeded add CLSID_NVIDIA_VideoEncoderFilter and
QueryInterface IID_INVVESetting.
but, Set parameter type using nvidia interface, return value is E_UNEXPECTED.
that mean is The encoding format is not initialized yet.

Istall the 332.88 version below, return value is S_OK.
How to use the NVCUVENC for latest Nvidia Driver?

Help me.

Have you had a chance to read this:

“On Quadro and Tesla, R340 will be the last release to include NVCUVENC. NVCUVENC will not be available with GeForce after R337. We recommend that developers transition any applications using NVCUVENC to NVENC SDK for H.264 encoding. This requires a Kepler or Maxwell GPU to use. For developers and users that need to support for NVCUVENC, GeForce R337 and Quadro/Tesla R340 or earlier drivers are required and can be found here.”

Thank you.
I know reinstall earlier drivers and It’s OK.
and Nvidia recommended new H.264 ENCODER NVENC.
but that is supported Geforce 600 Series above,
then I’m forced register NVCUVENC for using CUDA H.264 Encoder in new drivers.
(using dependency walker for nvcuvenc.dll, nothing except nvcuda.dll)

my customers has wondered why new driver’s has not using CUDA H.264 Encoder.