missing nvcuvenc.dll (unable sample : CUDA Video Encode (C Library) API )

CUDA Sample - CUDA Video Encode (C Library) API
Link : http://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-samples/index.html#cuda-video-encode--c-library--api

  1. install CUDA Toolkit 6.0 (recommended install)
    => possible

  2. nvidia driver 340.43 Beta install(recommended install)
    => impossible

Why? nvcuvenc.dll missing

Will this topic be fixed to regular version driver?

Indeed, just tripped over this one as well.
Looks like a driver update removed that file. That’s unfortunate. I understand that the old cuda encoder has been deprecated. But that shouldnt mean it gets removed from the driver as that would break any existing applications build against, say cuda 5.5, on newer driver installs.