Missing dll files (nvcuda.dll and nvcuvid.dll) - LibAV


I try to build LibAV with:

The build is success but the avfilter.dll avcodec.dll avutil.dll require the nvcuvid and nvcuda dlls, but I didnt found these files anywhere

Have anybody any idea?

nvcuda dlls are provided by the installation of the windows GPU driver on a windows system that has a CUDA-capable GPU installed.

And I can’t ship with my application, and get cuvInit failed, forexample, if no compatible card?
Because now, avconv require to load at start time, and if the dll files are missing, can’t start avconv. But I copied the files from other machine, and can start avconv, but can’t use nvenc :) but can use other features.

If the machine has a properly installed GPU driver, you don’t need it. If the machine does not, shipping that one library won’t help you use CUDA.

authorized redistributables are listed here:

https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/eula/index.html (e.g. attachment A)

If you want to avoid the DLL dependency at app startup, one possible approach is to conditionally/delay-load the DLL. This requires application development, it’s not merely a set of compile switches or anything like that. I won’t be able to give you a tutorial on that, but there are various resources available on the web. The concept is not specific to CUDA.



Thank you!