Is there a way to avoid using nvJitLink.dll?

I am using RTX A5500.

My app uses the CUDA toolkit 11.7.0 with the following DLLs:

  • cusolver.dll

  • cublasLt.dll

  • cudart.dll

  • cublas.dll

  • nppc.dll

  • nppicc.dll

  • nppidei.dll

  • nppif.dll

  • nppig.dll

  • nppim.dll

  • nppist.dll

  • nppisu.dll

When I changed the CUDA toolkit to 12.3.2, I could not start the app without the following DLL.

  • cusparse.dll
  • nvJitLink.dll

① My app don’t use nvJitLink.dll directly, but is it called from the above dll?
② If (1) is YES, nvJitLink.dll is not listed in the list of redistributable dlls. Is it an omission? If not, is there a way to stop calling nvJitLink.dll?

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