How to use TX2 J21 as normal UART

J21 is used as a console UART. When connected to the host computer, the console UART would send lots of data and can not reveive or send data normally. How can I use J21 as a normal UART? Thank you all!

hello dongqinpeng08,

you could refer to this article for J21, [url][/url]

Hello JerryChang,
I can not see any tips about how to stop the console function in the article, and it only defines the pin of J21. Can you explain in detail?

You might find this useful:

Beware that instructions for flashing the device tree differ from older releases versus newer releases.

Also beware that you may need to modify U-Boot itself for that stage of boot. Having serial traffic show up when U-Boot runs (if still looking at J21’s serial port) will cause U-Boot to halt.