HPE IB Adapter not recognized by Windows


I realize I may be better posting on the HP forum, but frankly I have always found this forum the most knowledgeable when it comes to anything Infiniband.

I have a number of HPE BL460c blades that I have installed the HP FDR IB Adapters 545M(702213-B21). I have installed the IB Drivers from HPE v5.35. Strangely I could not find an Installation Guide or a Manual for this card.

The Adapters show up as Unknown Devices in Windows. Tried Win12 R2 and Win16 with same results.

I have update the firmware on the adapter to the current 10.16.1058.

I have been working on this for a couple days and cannot get the cards to work.

I thought someone here might be able to help shed some insight on what I my try.



If not already solved, I recommend this:

Get PSID of adapter (seen with ibv_devinfo). Check its capabilities to confirm it is IB and FDR as you suspect.

Confirm in the WinOF release notes, that the operating system is compatible with the WinOF driver version.

Also confirm in the WinOF release notes that the firmware rev is compatible with the WinOF revision.

If needed re-install the WinOF driver.

If all else fails, try re-seating the adapter.

HP FDR IB Adapters 545M(702213-B21) is not supported on Windows, only Linux. You have to use HP 544+ adapters