HTC Vive can NOT be on Quadro P5000?

We understand that most people hook up Vive with GeForce cards, but we only have a bunch of Quadro cards. But according to nVidia, Quadro M5000 or above on a workstation should make Vive perform. So we tried hooking up Vive with a P5000. Unfortunately, we always get errors like 307 and 400. We tried other cards, different drivers including the latest one. Anything that we are missing? Anything in nVidia Control Panel we should pay attention to?


The P5000 is an awesome card and should have no problems driving your VR. I’ve personally used an M4000, M6000, and M60 with the HTC and had no issues. Although I have access to both a P5000 and P6000, I’m yet to try either with the HTC, however I’m not aware of any driver or compatibility issues with that combination.

What workstation are you currently trying it from? Operating system, specs etc etc? …

Have you tried running it from a different workstation?

There’s nothing in the NVIDIA Control Panel that will resolve the issue you are experiencing, that’s more for fine tuning and optimisations.

It should be really strait forward. Make sure Operating System is fully updated, Install latest NVIDIA drivers, make sure Steam is up to date, make sure the HTC firmware is fully up to date and that’s about it.

Lastly, something that may help: