Can I use a Quadro Rtx 4000 + Rtx 3060 in one system?

I’ve recently bought a Quadro Rtx 4000 card for 3D modeling and rendering on Rhino 7/3DS Max/Cinema/Keyshot, but I still want to use the same PC for gaming on a Rtx 3060. Is it possible? Which drivers should I use?

Hi there @elisabettaerrico52 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Yes, those cards should work without issue in one system. Depending on the mainboard you have to make a choice which one gets the better bandwidth, unless you have a system with 2 times PCIe x16 and a CPU to support it.

The choice of driver is also up to you, the Studio drivers do not limit any features that the Game Ready drivers (GRD) have. They are aimed a bit more to give a wider support for creative software, while the GRD aims at the cutting edge in terms of the very newest games that come to the market. You might want to check the release notes of the respective drivers to see if either has specific mention of the software or game you are running. But otherwise I would recommend to install the driver depending on which part of creative vs gaming you will spend more time on.

Quadro GPUs are mainly used for compute functionality, that means we do also offer a completely different range of drivers that are aimed at HPC and Enterprise users. But these do not support the full gaming functionality you will need for your GeForce GPU. Just keep that in mind when you go to our Driver download page. You should use the GeForce drivers and chose either GRD or Studio driver.

I hope this helps!

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Hi! Thanks for answering.
I will be using a Msi B560M Mortar Wifi, which has 2x PCIe 16x slots, a Intel Core i7 11700K and a PSU of 850W. I don’t think there should be any problem at all. Correct?
I think I’ll use the Studio Driver, since I’m 3D modeling more than I’m gaming and, as you say, with this driver you can game as well.

One more question, I’ve heard about a Quadro Gaming Experience, a driver which let me game/work with the same Quadro card. Is this the same as Studio Driver or a completly different driver?
Thanks for your time!

Hi there.

The Intel CPU you are using only supports 20 PCIe lanes, which means only one GPU can be used with full x16 speed, the second at x4, or you split and go for x8 on each GPU. Otherwise there should be no issue with the system.

I suppose with “Quadro Gaming Experience” you mean what is nowadays called NVIDIA RTX Experience.

I cannot say anything about compatibility of that software in terms of mixed GPU systems. It is targeted at Enterprise systems which are only using Quadro or newer professional RTX GPUs. That means with a GeForce GPU installed you might not even be able to install this companion app. And no guarantee from NVIDIA side if you do.

In principle though it functions much like GeForce Experience, taking the burden of looking for the latest driver or optimizing your apps off your shoulders. In this case with a focus on productivity over gaming.

To quote the FAQ:

NVIDIA RTX Enterprise/Quadro drivers are delivered through NVIDIA RTX Experience. These drivers are a superset of the NVIDIA Studio Drivers that provides all the benefits of the Studio Driver, as well as enterprise-specific enhancements, testing, and independent software vendor (ISV) support. NVIDIA RTX Enterprise/Quadro and NVIDIA Studio Drivers of the same version number will support the same studio feature set.

I hope that helps!

Thank youso much! I have a last question: how do i split the speed in x8 for each card? Via Bios?

Yes, there should be BIOS settings allowing that. Depending on the board there might be different options of combinations, some boards might not support every possible setup.