Quadro driver ONLY install

Does anyone know if there is a way to install JUST the Quadro driver? We’re trying to script out PSEXEC installs prior to setting these deployments up in SCCM and I can find no combination of switches that will prevent the audio, 3d glasses software, the WMI, nView, etc. software from installing themselves as well. We just want to install the Quadro driver alone.

Can anyone offer us any help?



Yes, it’s possible to install any subpackages of the Display Driver package separately, although it may fail or trigger dependent subpackage installation.

Let’s take for example our latest Quadro package (411.95) https://www.nvidia.com/drivers/results/140130 for Win7 :

  1. Unpack (rclick/extract all) – all our packages-for-web (PFW) are (i.e. 411.95-quadro-desktop-notebook-win8-win7-64bit-international-whql.EXE) self-extracting 7-zip archive, let's say I've unpacked into .\411.95-quadro-desktop-notebook-win8-win7-64bit-international-whql\
  2. .\411.95-quadro-desktop-notebook-win8-win7-64bit-international-whql\Display.Driver will contain DisplayDriver subpackage
  3. Similarly, all other subfolders with .NVI files contain other subpackages. Only exception is NVI2 folder – it is required for setup.exe to function, contains NV Installer 2.0 core files.
  4. Master-script setup.cfg enumerates all subfolders, so in theory it's enough to remove all unnecessary subfolders. Caveat there – some packages may depend on others. Nview, NVWMI, HDAudio has none and NV 3DVision+USB driver for Stereo are also self-contained. 'Minor' subpackages might have dependency on 'Core' Display Driver package, so removing DisplayDriver might break things (haven't tried, 50/50 some of subpackages will be just fine)
  5. Delete unwanted subpackages, you'd get this (only DisplayDriver is left):
  6. [img]https://a70ad2d16996820e6285-3c315462976343d903d5b3a03b69072d.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/8fccfd1c2ce4cf8a1e9e676fd8a79a55[/img]
  7. Run setup.exe (with keys for silent install if necessary) – you'd get only DisplayDriver:
  8. [img]https://a70ad2d16996820e6285-3c315462976343d903d5b3a03b69072d.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/9b507002e75094fe9339883e0cce243f[/img]

That works, because master script setup.cfg simply enumerates .NVI files in subfolders, list is not hardcoded.

Ryan Park

I tried to use the similar condition with the GeForce 417.35 driver, keeping only the display.driver and nvi2 subfolders. However, I get an error of “The system cannot find the path specified.”
Is it necessary to modify the setup.cfg master script?

Found the solution. I converted some of the information in the developer zone to get it to work. Running the command line “setup.exe -s Display.Driver” from the extracted driver package will upgrade an existing installation of NVIDIA Graphics Driver without adding the additional components. As an added note, the extracted folder should contain all of the additional folders to prevent errors related to “The system cannot find the path specified.”

Run on a test system prior to creating a script for deployment and verify that components such as GeForce Experience or Vulkan Runtime Libraries did not slip through.

Dear Folks, dear Dwight,

thank you for your posts.

We try to deploy newer (>419.17) Geforce Driver by SCCM.

Till Version 390 we did it by deleting unwanted folders and with:
.\setup.exe -noreboot -clean -noeula -nofinish -passive

But with > 419.17 this do not work :-(

We did not want to install with “-s”, because the users should see what happen.
What should we do, if we have only “Windows Drivers” and want to install only drivers and physics but NO GeforceExperince?
I tried modifing the setup.cfg, but that installed only the drivers, no physix. :-|

Has anybody any ideas?

Best Regards


I install only the Graphics driver by using the command line:
.\setup.exe -s Display.Driver

I have not tried this, but the following command line should install both the display driver and PhysX components with adding the GeForce Experience, 3D Vision or HD Audio components. No guarantee, so test it first:
.\setup.exe -s Display.Driver Display.PhysX

I do not modify the setup.cfg. I use the -s switch since I run the install on off-hours and do not need the users to see the install happen, but using “-noreboot -clean -noeula -nofinish -passive” instead might allow the users to watch the install. That would make the command line:
.\setup.exe -noreboot -clean -noeula -nofinish -passive Display.Driver Display.PhysX

Again, that I have not tested that command line, but it should work.
As an added note, I do not delete the other folders from the installer package because that lead to some errors being logged. I just clear the ccmcache to remove the 1.28 GB of installer files when finished.

Dear Dwight,

after holiday, I tried today with 430.64 Geforce-Drivers.
It works for Windows 10 :-)
But not for Windows 7 :-(
It seems that I must install Geforce Experience on Windows 7 :-(
I tried to do a custom installtion, but i was not able to unselect Geforce Experience :(

Any ideas?



I no longer use Windows 7 so I haven’t tried with it. There is a “Quadro 430.64” driver for Windows 7 specifically available at Download NVIDIA, GeForce, Quadro, and Tesla Drivers It seems that the Quadro and GeForce drivers are somewhat forked into almost different branches. The 430.64 driver which is branded for Windows 10 may not work for Windows 7 when using limiting command line switches for the install. I don’t like having to maintain several libraries of driver based on OS and GPU type. I’ll admit that I have accepted that Linux and Windows need to have different drivers, but needing to split Windows 7 and Windows 10 is pushing the envelope. I usually expand the “Geforce” driver and inspect the ListDevice.txt to find which GPUs are supported by the driver package since the “Supported Products” list on the driver download page lists only those GPUs which are 100% supported.

I don’t know if that helps. For now, my recommendation is to use the Quadro specific version of driver with separate drivers for Windows 7 and Windows 10. Like me, do you have some systems with Quadro GPUs and others with GeForce GPUs? I use the GeForce driver for both but I use the command line switch to only select the Display.Driver. There are a few systems which have Legacy GPUs (for example GeForce 9400) which will not take the current driver. Those systems are documented exceptions to the security vulnerabilities corrected in the newer branches and I still use the 342.01 (GeForce) or 377.83 (Quadro) pending purchase of new hardware.

Another possibility would involve creating a more extensive script which would run “msiexec /X{GUID-from-registry}” after the driver update finishes. Since I don’t have any Windows 7 systems, I don’t know the GUID that would be appropriate. It should be contained in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall where you would search for “Geforce Experience” and look for the value “Uninstall String”.

Hope that is some help,