Quadro 461.92 Driver Silent Installation


I don’t know if this is the right forum to post this here, but I’m looking for some help.

My organization uses a fleet of Nvidia T1000 Quadro video cards. I’m trying to create a setup an package to install this NVIDIA driver silently so it can be deployed remotely.

I already tried to start the Setup with these parameters: -s ; /s ; -silent ; /silent
but none of them worked.

with the older driver Versions for example 442.92 the silent install with .exe /silent worked.

At this point, I’m totally stuck and need a solution. Please help!

Thank you for any advice



Hi @Tom-Ceddric.Kappert,

Can you please provide the logs so our engineers can troubleshoot? I have attached the command line guide for you.

Command_Line-1004400-01.pdf (278.4 KB)