Quadro 348.07 Driver Silent Installation - Unable to Generate setup.iss Response file

Hi there,

I’ve posted in a few previous threads, but i’m not sure which is the right one for an issue like this.

I"m hoping someone can help me out. My organization uses a fleet of Quadro K2200m video cards. I’m trying to setup an SCCM

2007 package to install this NVIDIA driver silently so it can be deployed remotely.

After doing some research online, it seems that the best way to do this through SCCM is by installing it as an

application. So I am trying to create an unattended installation with the extracted contents of the quadro 348.07 ODE

driver i downloaded from the nvidia website.

After extracting the contents to C:\NVIDIA on my local workstation, I have launched a command prompt as administrator, and

I am trying to generate a response file with each of the following commands with no success:

setup.exe -r -f1C:\nvidia\setup.iss

setup.exe /r /f1C:\nvidia\setup.iss

The setup.exe executes and installs the driver, but no .iss respone file is ever generated.

I’ve even tried using the /F2 parameter to output a log file to my local folder C:\nvidia, but that does not even want to

seem to be generated.

Are these command lines to old for these new driver setup.exes? Or is there a better alternative to deploying this via


At this point, I’m totally stuck and need a solution. Please help!

Thank you for any advice,
Jobu Bryanson

Hello Jobu,

The drivers natively support a silent install.

-Run the driver downloaded from www.NVIDIA.com.

-Select a location to unzip the driver contents to.

-Navigate to the selected location, ex: C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\270.61\Vista 64-bit\English.

-Use the “Setup.exe” located here to perfom the silent install or create an .iss file with the following switch of “-s”.

-Open up the command prompt, Drag the “setup.exe” into the command prompt or type the location of “Setup.exe” at the end add, one space and “-s” or “/s” to perform a silent/unattended install of the NVIDIA GPU drivers.

Source: http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2985/~/how-can-i-perform-a-silent-install-of-the-gpu-driver%3F