Install graphics driver only using command line switches

Trying to install 419.35 on multiple hosts using command line vs. logging on to each host and using the gui installer. Desire to select only the Graphics driver portion of the entire driver package. Do not desire to install components: NVIDIA 3D Vision Controller Driver, NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver, GeForce Experience, NVIDIA PhysX System Software and NVIDIA HD Audio Driver.

Originally submitted as incident 190305-000491, but did not get a final resolution addressing the exact parameters desired.

Using “setup.exe /s” does install the driver package silently and can be used as a command-line for remote deployment. However, all components get installed.

Found the solution. I converted some of the information in the developer zone to get it to work. Running the command line “setup.exe -s Display.Driver” from the extracted driver package will upgrade an existing installation of NVIDIA Graphics Driver without adding the additional components. As an added note, the extracted folder should contain all of the additional folders to prevent errors related to “The system cannot find the path specified.”

setup.exe -s Display.Driver didn’t seem to work. Please suggest how to uncheck GeForce Experience silently.

I tried ‘DCH’ earlier. “setup.exe -s Display.Driver” command worked with ‘Standard’ executable from