Unsigned Nvidia Display Drivers on "silent" install

I am attempting to silently install the Nvidia Display Drivers component of CUDA toolkit 9.2 using the network exe base installer by running the following command

.\cuda_9.2.148_win10_network.exe -s Display.Driver

However I receive a pop up that halts the installation from windows security: “Would you like to instal this device software? Name: NVIDIA Display adapters Publisher: NVIDIA Corporation” with the option to “Install” or “Don’t Install”. This is a step of unattended installations for our CI pipeline workers. Any guidance on workarounds? Does NVIDIA not get drivers signed by Microsoft?

NVIDIA receives many driver signings from Microsoft.

However, the driver bundled with a CUDA toolkit installer is not necessarily signed for every possible GPU that it may be used on.

Select a signed driver for the GPU you are using from www.nvidia.com/drivers, and install that.

Then install CUDA 9.2 (if you wish to) without using the bundled driver.