WARNING: Do not install CUDA 10.2 driver 441.22!

This driver is self-signed (no WHQL signature) and even if you select “Trust NVIDIA Corporation” during install it won’t load after reboot, and your monitor will be powered off when Windows boots, thus leaving you no choice but to hit the reset button and wait for Windows to recover in VGA mode (640x480) so you can uninstall it and install a proper driver.

This is a new low for NVIDIA.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused by this. This was tracked to an error in our CUDA package signing process and we are working on reposting the installers as soon as possible.

I’ve also created a sticky thread here:

Thanks for being a CUDA user!

Is there any way for you to pass the message to the driver installer team?

If yes, then please also let them know that:

  1. If you run driver installer and uncheck NVIDIA HD audio driver while having some version of it already installed it uninstalls not only NVIDIA HD audio driver but ALL HD audio device drivers in the system (in my case it nuked my Creative ZxR sound card drivers too and I had to reinstall them).

  2. Bug I reported to CUDA team (which concerns driver installer team as well) about NVIDIA setup corrupting PATH environment variable is still unfixed after 7 months (there is a thread here about it and a ticket on developer.nvidia.com).

The issue in this thread is being worked on and I expect something new very soon.

I have reopened the bug you indicate in 2. It was believed to be fixed. I expect that QA will make another test.

Please report the item you list in 1 via the bug reporting system.

I wasn’t aware faith is now a requirement in software development. I was of the opinion that you only need proper testing, especially when someone goes through the trouble to submit a fully reproducible test case with a detailed explanation.

To me it doesn’t look like anything has changed regarding setup behavior – it still expands all environment variables in the PATH just like before which is exactly what it should never do. If NVIDIA developers need help fixing that they should have just asked and I could have contributed a working code sample 7 months ago.

As for reporting the item #1, no thanks – I had enough reporting over the last few days and I am tired of trying to breach the tier 1 support brick wall and reach someone who cares and who will do something about it.

If there is no way to create the issue internally, then as far as I am concerned it can remain unfixed. I will just avoid doing that in the future.

A new one, 441.41 was released today. Hopefully everything works well with that one.

Any ETA for an updated CUDA installer?


Regarding the signed driver issue, a new CUDA 10.2 installer has been made available. It is the same filename and accessed the same way as the previous installer.

I don’t have any comments or updates on other issues you have raised.