Quadro FX 5500 driver

I’m using an HP workstation with a Quadro FX 5500 card.
On Nvidia web site I’m seeing that this card is supported by 334.21 driver but if I try to install it, it claims that this card is unsupported by the driver…
Now I’m confused, what’s the correct driver?

Quadro fx 5500 is workstation version of 7900gtx(pre dx10 time), it’s have been in legacy for a while. It should work with 304.125 (legacy for GeForce 6 and 7 series) driver:

Check first if your distribution offers that driver for you. Manual installation is not the right way to install these drivers, unless you know what you are doing.

I already installed the 304 legacy driver and it works.
But on Nvidia web site I saw that 334 was suitable for my card, so I tried to install it.
However, thank you for your reply, I think Nvidia should take care better of the drivers description.

Now that you mentioned it, quadro fx 5500 card is on supported list on 334.21 driver:

But if you read that driver readme, quadro fx 5500 is not supported on 334.21. So most likely error on nvidia’s driver download support list page. Actually quite many of the cards on the quadro fx list is not really supported by 334.21 driver

And what makes things even more complicated, drivers page does not offer you correct driver for any of those graphics cards. So basically you have to use advanced driver search and use the newest drive ignoring driver version, or go to devtalk forums drivers page and check that appendix A from newest driver readme.