I am trying to replicate this issue: ( I/O Error on SD Card over SDMMC3 - #6 by stijn.hoskens )

I have custom carrier board with similar config for the SD card interface where i intent to use this version of kernel with Jetson Nano SoM EMMC module.

Currently the for the changes I am using the Dev Kit carrier board with eMMC module… The sdhci@700b0400 status is ‘okay’ at first flash and even reboot(without power cutdown). But after few installs/uninstalls the status turns ‘disabled’.

List of significant installation:

  1. apt update
  2. Camera driver installation: Release Automatic installation script · ArduCAM/MIPI_Camera · GitHub
  3. sudo apt autoremove -y
  4. sudo apt clean
  5. sudo apt remove thunderbird libreoffice-* -y
  6. sudo apt purge gnome-2048 aisleriot atomix gnome-chess
    five-or-more hitori iagno gnome-klotski lightsoff gnome-mahjongg gnome-mines gnome-nibbles quadrapassel four-in-a-row gnome-robots gnome-sudoku swell-foop tali gnome-taquin gnome-tetravex -y & sudo apt autoremove -y

Post this the system was power-off. Now the system returns disabled

cat /proc/device-tree/sdhci@700b0400/status

Any suggestions to make the kernel changes permanent?

JetPack used: 4.5.1
OS flashed with SDK Manager 1.8.1
SDK Installation: Package installation failed due to insufficient disk space.


The device tree change back to default may come from the apt get command. Apt-get install will actually re-install the jetpack again or upgrade to new version. And by default our jetpack does not enable sdmmc3. Thus, it will lead to sdmmc3 status back to disabled.

You could remove the nvidia related item from the apt source list to prevent this.

Hi @WayneWWW ,
Update on the issue… I tried reinstalling the OS with sdhci@700b0400 enabled and disabled the NVIDIA package update by

apt-mark hold nvidia*

It looked like the updates after that had no effect on the sdhci status and it remained ‘okay’ through the installation.

But it changed to ‘disabled’ after installation of Arducam Drivers previously mentioned.


I don’t know which steps change your device tree here.
You could check your dmesg and /proc/device-tree and see if it is totally got reverted.

One simple method is your just randomly add some strings to your device tree. Check if it is present in /proc/device-tree before you installing the driver.

Or change the build time in the device tree and see if the build time fallback to default one after you install the driver.

You can also list installation log and see if any nvidia related service reinstalled your device.

After Arducam driver installation I can see these two directories. (11.0 MB)

If this installation will install its own dtb file, then it is not able to avoid… you can just modify it again after the installation…

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