HW jpeg encoding error


I am on the Jetson Nano (r32.7.4) and want to use nvjpeg to encode images on the hardware encoder. Randomly, I get an empty result and the following message is written to the kernel log:

[ 2325.077488] smmu_dump_pagetable(): fault_address=0x00000000d0043800 pa=0xffffffffffffffff bytes=ffffffffffffffff #pte=0 in L2
[ 2325.088869] mc-err: (36) csw_nvjpgswr: EMEM decode error on PDE or PTE entry
[ 2325.095978] mc-err: status = 0x6001007f; addr = 0xd0043800
[ 2325.101657] mc-err: secure: no, access-type: write, SMMU fault: nr-nw-s

Any idea what could be wrong here?

Please share a command for replicating the issue. We can try the command and check further.

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