emem decode error?

I keep getting bursts of

000000000000 bytes=1000 #pte=67 in L2
[14833.974565] mc-err: (3) csr_displayhcb: EMEM decode error on PDE or PTE entry
[14833.981722] mc-err:   status = 0x60000011; addr = 0x00000000
[14833.987378] mc-err:   secure: no, access-type: read, SMMU fault: nr-nw-s
[14834.914953] smmu_dump_pagetable(): fault_address=0x0000000000000000 pa=0x0000000000000000 bytes=1000 #pte=67 in L2

on the console. Any idea what the underlying cause may be?

I’m running the 3.10.96-tegra kernel from what I believe is 24.1


Hi Jijikos,

How to reproduce this issue?
Doing the unplug and plug the HDMI Cable many times after booting?
Please help to describe your use case more clearly, then we could help to check where might be wrong.