I am looking for mechanical info (step, 3d model) of the JETSON-IO-BASE-B Rev-1.1

Hello folks,

I am looking for a 3d model or any specs regarding the dimensions and the fixation holes of the board JETSON-IO-BASE-B Rev-1.1.

The download area just has info about the model -A (1.0).

It happens that the fixation holes are not in the same spot anymore.

Does anyone have an idea where I can find this?

Best regards.

I found something promising, it is different than the model I have for a fraction of milimeters.

Source: JETSON-IO-BASE-B - Waveshare Wiki

Hi, the files in DLC are for Xavier NX devkit only. The JETSON-IO-BASE-B` Rev-1.1 board is a 3rd-party product, please check with vendor for that.

Oh, did not know that. Thanks, @Trumany. Do you know what is the vendor of this board?

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