I built an AI art installation from scratch (completely open-source, incl code, images and instructions)

Hi all,

After a couple of months of early mornings and late evenings, I finally finished my latest side project, building an AI art installation at home, generating 100% unique artworks on the fly. Tired of an artwork? Just push the button below the screen and another one will be displayed. When the button has been pushed, the old artwork is deleted and can’t be retrieved again.


I started out the project to get more familiar with edge computing and sensor integration, but quite fast gained an interest in the art aspect of the installation. By adding a dimension where an artwork you like is just a button-push away from being deleted, it actually make you enjoy it more.


  • An Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX was used for all logic, machine learning inference, art kiosk GUI etc.
  • A StyleGAN was used to generate the artworks, trained on ~5k images of abstract art.
  • A passive infrared sensor (SR602) was integrated with the Jetson to reduce screen burn-in. When no movement has been detected around the installation within a pre-defined threshold, the screen shuts off until movement is detected.
  • A custom control box was built, encapsulating most of the electronics.

I’ve also written an extensive guide (incl. code, images and text) if anyone wants to build your own installation: https://github.com/maxvfischer/DIY-ai-art



Wow that is really cool, thanks for sharing!