I could not run deviceQuery on my t

I could not run deviceQuery on my new Thinkpad T410 laptop which has an NVS3100M. I installed the CUDA Toolkit and SDK 2.3 64bit. I can compile for debug x64 but cudaGetDeviceCount always return 0. The driver came with the laptop is 188.98, when I tried to update it to the latest 197.16, I got the error says “NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit”. Is it because the current driver is customized for Thinkpad and does not support CUDA development? I have been playing with CUDA for some time on 32bit XP and has never seen this kind of error before.

You probably need to tweak the driver package’s nv_disp.inf file to make it recognize your graphics card.
You can find the modified versions here.


Thank you. It work for me. I downloaded the 197.78 for Windows 7 64bit.