I don't understand difference between 510.06 driver and latest Game Ready 497.xx drivers?

So if I go to CUDA on WSL | NVIDIA Developer, I can download the 510.06 driver supposed to be used for cuda with WSL2. I installed this driver as instructed. It seems to be September 2021-old (New CUDA on WSL2 driver 510.06* is now live!).

However GeForce Experience updated my driver to 497.xx game ready driver (Download Drivers | NVIDIADownload Drivers | NVIDIA), which is December 2021-old.

I can’t find any information anywhere on why you have 510.06 drivers on the one hand, and 497.xx drivers on the other, it’s utterly confusing. What’s the difference? Why install one or the other? Where is this explained at all?

And why does GeForce Experience keep updating to game ready drivers? Any way to use a “Cuda + WSL2” channel or something instead of game ready?

Hello? Anybody there?

We have a new driver 511.23, posted yesterday

The official drivers now support CUDA on WSL2

We are making changes to the WSL2 developer
zone page which should clarify better in the coming days.

Thank you for the support!

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Thanks, downloaded and installed the latest.

It seems however that the page CUDA on WSL | NVIDIA Developer still refers to 510.06. I imagine this will be part of the update to WSL2 developer pages. Thanks again, indeed clarification would be helpful.