I know, I know, Stupid thing to do Can Audio2Face handle a Barbershop Quartet?

Answer… No! But I think it could with tweaks…
MichelJackson tho. Close it really doesn’t like Sh sounds



sorry this

it seems that shh sounds really push the sides of the mouth forward. Is there a way to fix this or is this a setup problem?

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It seems to also struggle with “I am the one.” Please advise of a correction method. Will look at the model maybe the design is the problem. However if the design is the problem I will need to be able to correct for the design.

Yeah same problem with mike.
On “I am the one” he picks an oo expression then returns.

when we send the data into maya or something can we adjust it like in Jali? link below.

My apologies if this is an obvious thing to fix I am not an animator.


All I have to say is… When you get the emotion, head movement and tongue working and to the same quality as that mouth movement. I think it is going to be an incredible tool. Good Luck!

My test is over for now.

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For adjustment, yes, is why we have blendshape conversion and export. So they become blendshape setup in other apps so you can edit and fine tune the animation if you like.

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