I modified the IMX219 sensor device tree to work with different resolutions

Hi all,
I modified the device tree of the imx219 for working with my FPGA,
Its working properly for 640x480 but not working for other resolutions.
Kindly help me out I am sharing the argus daemon logs here
argus_daemon_logs (29.0 KB)

You need to make sure the v4l2-ctl able working first.

Hi @ShaneCCC ,
V4l2 not working but 480p working in ARGUS.
Is that an issue, if then can you share how to fix it ?

Argus don’t support size smaller than 640x480

Hi @ShaneCCC ,
Thank you.
I am able to stream 640x480 in argus but not working in v4l2.
I need to capture frames in v4l2.
What maybe the issue can you help me out?

Maybe review if any different for those control function like exposure/gain/frame rate in Argus with vl42

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