I need an AI Animation Workflow For Storytelling

I could use some advice on creating a workflow for visual storytelling.

I’m a full-time fiction author (former programmer) and I’m growing my visual storytelling audience and methods.

What I Want:

  1. I write a story and then record the audio for it in a sound booth
  2. Create a 3D avatar that represents me (or the character/narrator)
  3. Have AI animate the character’s mouth to speak the words
  4. Compose Epic 3D shots in Unreal Engine and record the footage
  5. Build a pipeline, so that once it is set up, creating new stories only takes minutes

What I Know How to do:

  1. I’ve used Unreal Engine for a while and even have a popular tutorial on Youtube with 2.5mm views ( Unreal Engine Beginner Tutorial: Building Your First Game)
  2. I can use Blueprints, the camera system, and have animated characters (clunkily)
  3. Create my 3D environment using prefabs and I can light the scenes in Unreal

Nice to Have

  1. Character designer tool to create an avatar and then use AI animation tool with that character (Lumirithmic?)
  2. Pre-built animations that just work – drag and drop into Unreal (Walk, sit, etc)
  3. Once my scene is set up, I just focus on the storytelling

Examples of what I’m doing now:

  1. Fantasy Story 1: The Cube TEST - YouTube

The Perfect Scenario After Pipeline Built

  1. Doing my daily Short/TikTok post and I have my 60-second audio ready to go
  2. Drop it into “the program”, it animates the character’s face and updates Unreal Engine
  3. Start the scene in unreal engine and record
  4. This process takes less than 10 minutes

I don’t care how much work it takes to build the pipeline, so long as the pipeline is super fast once built.

What do you think? Can you give me some pointers on which tools and systems to use?

I want to tell immersive stories without having a major team to put it all together. I’ll keep it simple at first with simple scenes and a character talking to the camera (and occasional dragon flyby)

(10,000 Extra Credit Points if you know of an AI 3D builder where I buy assets and then say, “Build me a medieval throne room with swords on the walls and flames in braziers” and then it constructs the 3D environment)