I was unable to compile and install Mxnet1.5 with tensorrt on the jetson nano,Is there someone have compile it, please help me. Thank you.


We have a prebuilt MXNet package for MXNet now.

Install the prebuilt MXNet package directly:

$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AastaNV/JEP/master/MXNET/autoinstall_mxnet.sh
$ sudo chmod +x autoinstall_mxnet.sh
$ ./autoinstall_mxnet.sh <Nano/TX1/TX2/Xavier>

If you want to build it from source, please check this script:

$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AastaNV/JEP/master/MXNET/autobuild_mxnet.sh
$ sudo chmod +x autobuild_mxnet.sh
$ ./autobuild_mxnet.sh <Nano/TX1/TX2/Xavier>



Is this a official package - if yes, maybe it is worth an announcement?

These scripts work. However when I try to use resnet50 instead of resnet18 in the TensorRT example, I got error messages:

[libprotobuf ERROR google/protobuf/io/coded_stream.cc:207] A protocol message was rejected because it was too big (more than 67108864 bytes). To increase the limit (or to disable these warnings), see CodedInputStream::SetTotalBytesLimit() in google/protobuf/io/coded_stream.h.

Any suggestion about the protobuf size limitation issue?

thank you

Which Jetson platform did you test? It works for me on Jetson Xavier for resnet50_v1 model.

I am using Jetson Xavier NX. This error is due to the 64 MB limitation of the protobuf I used. It should be fined if I can increase the limitation, since 64 MB is far less than the device memory. Do you know how to modify or call SetTotalBytesLimit()?