i2c on Jetson Tx2

I am a beginner on Jetson Tx2 board, I am trying to interface MPU9250 with TX2 via i2c. I have no idea where to start.Need help.
Thanks in advance.

You can refer: https://www.jetsonhacks.com/2018/07/25/i2c-nvidia-jetson-tx2-development-kit/

I tried to follow the steps.
I connected my i2c device to the J21 i2c pins, the device is being shown.

The i2c device which I want to interface is MPU9250(IMU sensor).

Now, the IMU sensor has its own library fro getting the data. but has a few dependencies on Arduino library.

at this point, I am confused about how to proceed.

There seems to be a linux driver for this:

You may be able to build this as a loadable kernel module.

The README seems fairly comprehensive.