I2S microphone - how to start?

I am trying to use I2S microphone (inmp441 ) with Jetson Nano, currently without success.
I have connected the microphone using the following pinout (J40 connector’s pin num.):
(J40) (inmp441)
Pin1 = (3V)
Pin12 = (SCK)
Pin35 = (WS)
Pin38 = (SD)
Pin39 = (GND = L/R)

I have configured I2S4 Jetson pins for use Adafruit SPH0645LM4H hardware. Executing:

  1. sudo grep dap4 /sys/kernel/debug/tegra_pinctrl_reg has outputs:

Bank: 1 Reg: 0x70003144 Val: 0x00000044 → dap4_fs_pj4
Bank: 1 Reg: 0x70003148 Val: 0x00000054 → dap4_din_pj5
Bank: 1 Reg: 0x7000314c Val: 0x00000015 → dap4_dout_pj6
Bank: 1 Reg: 0x70003150 Val: 0x00000044 → dap4_sclk_pj7

  1. sudo grep “Name:|J:|BB:” /sys/kernel/debug/tegra_gpio has outputs:
    J: 2:1 00 00 00 00 00 00 000000
    BB: 6:3 00 00 00 00 00 00 000000

  2. amixer -c tegrasndt210ref cset name=‘ADMAIF1 Mux’ I2S4 has outputs:
    numid=518,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF1 Mux’
    ; type=ENUMERATED,access=rw------,values=1,items=53
    ; Item #0 ‘None’
    ; Item #1 ‘ADMAIF1’
    ; Item #2 ‘ADMAIF2’
    ; Item #3 ‘ADMAIF3’
    ; Item #4 ‘ADMAIF4’
    ; Item #5 ‘ADMAIF5’
    ; Item #6 ‘ADMAIF6’
    ; Item #7 ‘ADMAIF7’
    ; Item #8 ‘ADMAIF8’
    ; Item #9 ‘ADMAIF9’
    ; Item #10 ‘ADMAIF10’
    ; Item #11 ‘I2S1’
    ; Item #12 ‘I2S2’
    ; Item #13 ‘I2S3’
    ; Item #14 ‘I2S4’
    ; Item #15 ‘I2S5’
    ; Item #16 ‘SFC1’
    ; Item #17 ‘SFC2’
    ; Item #18 ‘SFC3’
    ; Item #19 ‘SFC4’
    ; Item #20 ‘MIXER1-1’
    ; Item #21 ‘MIXER1-2’
    ; Item #22 ‘MIXER1-3’
    ; Item #23 ‘MIXER1-4’
    ; Item #24 ‘MIXER1-5’
    ; Item #25 ‘AMX1’
    ; Item #26 ‘AMX2’
    ; Item #27 ‘AFC1’
    ; Item #28 ‘AFC2’
    ; Item #29 ‘AFC3’
    ; Item #30 ‘AFC4’
    ; Item #31 ‘AFC5’
    ; Item #32 ‘AFC6’
    ; Item #33 ‘OPE1’
    ; Item #34 ‘OPE2’
    ; Item #35 ‘SPKPROT1’
    ; Item #36 ‘MVC1’
    ; Item #37 ‘MVC2’
    ; Item #38 ‘IQC1-1’
    ; Item #39 ‘IQC1-2’
    ; Item #40 ‘IQC2-1’
    ; Item #41 ‘IQC2-2’
    ; Item #42 ‘DMIC1’
    ; Item #43 ‘DMIC2’
    ; Item #44 ‘DMIC3’
    ; Item #45 ‘ADX1-1’
    ; Item #46 ‘ADX1-2’
    ; Item #47 ‘ADX1-3’
    ; Item #48 ‘ADX1-4’
    ; Item #49 ‘ADX2-1’
    ; Item #50 ‘ADX2-2’
    ; Item #51 ‘ADX2-3’
    ; Item #52 ‘ADX2-4’
    : values=14

  3. amixer -c tegrasndt210ref sget “ADMAIF1 Mux”
    amixer: Unable to find simple control ‘“ADMAIF1’,0

What should I do?


Does the following work …

$ amixer -c tegrasndt210ref cget name=‘ADMAIF1 Mux’

If so, does the following work …

$ amixer scontrols

If that does not work, have you made any changes to the kernel and/or device-tree?


No, it does not:

  1. $ amixer -c tegrasndt210ref cget name=‘ADMAIF1 Mux’
    amixer: Cannot find the given element from control hw:1
  2. $ amixer scontrols
    amixer: Mixer attach default error: No such device
  3. I have followed " Creating a Custom Device Tree Overlay for the 40‑Pin Header" (https://docs.nvidia.com/jetson/l4t/index.html#page/Tegra%20Linux%20Driver%20Package%20Development%20Guide/hw_setup_jetson_io.html#wwpID0E0VB0HA)) and after that i can get some clocks on I2S pins


Are there any other changes that you have made apart from device-tree changes?

What does the following show …

$ amixer -c tegrasndt210ref controls



We believe that this is just a formatting issue with the quotes …

# Does not work ...
amixer -c tegrasndt210ref sget “ADMAIF1 Mux”

# Does work ... 
amixer -c tegrasndt210ref sget "ADMAIF1 Mux"



  1. amixer -c tegrasndt210ref controls produce:

numid=528,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S1 Mux’
numid=529,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S2 Mux’
numid=492,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S3 BCLK Ratio’
numid=494,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S3 Capture mono to stereo conv’
numid=493,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S3 Capture stereo to mono conv’
numid=491,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S3 Channels’
numid=486,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S3 Loopback’
numid=530,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S3 Mux’
numid=497,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S3 Playback FIFO threshold’
numid=496,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S3 Playback mono to stereo conv’
numid=495,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S3 Playback stereo to mono conv’
numid=490,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S3 Sample Rate’
numid=488,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S3 codec bit format’
numid=620,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S3 codec frame mode’
numid=621,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S3 codec master mode’
numid=489,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S3 fsync width’
numid=487,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S3 input bit format’
numid=480,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S4 BCLK Ratio’
numid=482,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S4 Capture mono to stereo conv’
numid=481,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S4 Capture stereo to mono conv’
numid=479,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S4 Channels’
numid=474,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S4 Loopback’
numid=531,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S4 Mux’
numid=485,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S4 Playback FIFO threshold’
numid=484,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S4 Playback mono to stereo conv’
numid=483,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S4 Playback stereo to mono conv’
numid=478,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S4 Sample Rate’
numid=476,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S4 codec bit format’
numid=618,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S4 codec frame mode’
numid=619,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S4 codec master mode’
numid=477,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S4 fsync width’
numid=475,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S4 input bit format’
numid=532,iface=MIXER,name=‘I2S5 Mux’
numid=453,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF1 Capture stereo to mono conv’
numid=443,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF1 Channels’
numid=518,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF1 Mux’
numid=463,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF1 Playback mono to stereo conv’
numid=462,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF10 Capture stereo to mono conv’
numid=452,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF10 Channels’
numid=527,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF10 Mux’
numid=472,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF10 Playback mono to stereo conv’
numid=454,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF2 Capture stereo to mono conv’
numid=444,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF2 Channels’
numid=519,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF2 Mux’
numid=464,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF2 Playback mono to stereo conv’
numid=455,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF3 Capture stereo to mono conv’
numid=445,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF3 Channels’
numid=520,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF3 Mux’
numid=465,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF3 Playback mono to stereo conv’
numid=456,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF4 Capture stereo to mono conv’
numid=446,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF4 Channels’
numid=521,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF4 Mux’
numid=466,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF4 Playback mono to stereo conv’
numid=457,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF5 Capture stereo to mono conv’
numid=447,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF5 Channels’
numid=522,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF5 Mux’
numid=467,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF5 Playback mono to stereo conv’
numid=458,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF6 Capture stereo to mono conv’
numid=448,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF6 Channels’
numid=523,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF6 Mux’
numid=468,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF6 Playback mono to stereo conv’
numid=459,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF7 Capture stereo to mono conv’
numid=449,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF7 Channels’
numid=524,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF7 Mux’
numid=469,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF7 Playback mono to stereo conv’
numid=460,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF8 Capture stereo to mono conv’
numid=450,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF8 Channels’
numid=525,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF8 Mux’
numid=470,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF8 Playback mono to stereo conv’
numid=461,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF9 Capture stereo to mono conv’
numid=451,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF9 Channels’
numid=526,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF9 Mux’
numid=471,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADMAIF9 Playback mono to stereo conv’
numid=139,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 0’
numid=140,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 1’
numid=149,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 10’
numid=150,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 11’
numid=151,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 12’
numid=152,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 13’
numid=153,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 14’
numid=154,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 15’
numid=155,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 16’
numid=156,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 17’
numid=157,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 18’
numid=158,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 19’
numid=141,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 2’
numid=159,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 20’
numid=160,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 21’
numid=161,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 22’
numid=162,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 23’
numid=163,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 24’
numid=164,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 25’
numid=165,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 26’
numid=166,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 27’
numid=167,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 28’
numid=168,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 29’
numid=142,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 3’
numid=169,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 30’
numid=170,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 31’
numid=171,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 32’
numid=172,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 33’
numid=173,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 34’
numid=174,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 35’
numid=175,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 36’
numid=176,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 37’
numid=177,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 38’
numid=178,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 39’
numid=143,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 4’
numid=179,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 40’
numid=180,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 41’
numid=181,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 42’
numid=182,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 43’
numid=183,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 44’
numid=184,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 45’
numid=185,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 46’
numid=186,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 47’
numid=187,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 48’
numid=188,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 49’
numid=144,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 5’
numid=189,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 50’
numid=190,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 51’
numid=191,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 52’
numid=192,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 53’
numid=193,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 54’
numid=194,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 55’
numid=195,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 56’
numid=196,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 57’
numid=197,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 58’
numid=198,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 59’
numid=145,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 6’
numid=199,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 60’
numid=200,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 61’
numid=201,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 62’
numid=202,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 63’
numid=146,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 7’
numid=147,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 8’
numid=148,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Byte Map 9’
numid=207,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Input Channels’
numid=566,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Mux’
numid=203,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Output1 Channels’
numid=204,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Output2 Channels’
numid=205,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Output3 Channels’
numid=206,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX1 Output4 Channels’
numid=208,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 0’
numid=209,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 1’
numid=218,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 10’
numid=219,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 11’
numid=220,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 12’
numid=221,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 13’
numid=222,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 14’
numid=223,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 15’
numid=224,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 16’
numid=225,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 17’
numid=226,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 18’
numid=227,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 19’
numid=210,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 2’
numid=228,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 20’
numid=229,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 21’
numid=230,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 22’
numid=231,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 23’
numid=232,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 24’
numid=233,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 25’
numid=234,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 26’
numid=235,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 27’
numid=236,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 28’
numid=237,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 29’
numid=211,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 3’
numid=238,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 30’
numid=239,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 31’
numid=240,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 32’
numid=241,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 33’
numid=242,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 34’
numid=243,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 35’
numid=244,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 36’
numid=245,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 37’
numid=246,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 38’
numid=247,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 39’
numid=212,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 4’
numid=248,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 40’
numid=249,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 41’
numid=250,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 42’
numid=251,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 43’
numid=252,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 44’
numid=253,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 45’
numid=254,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 46’
numid=255,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 47’
numid=256,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 48’
numid=257,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 49’
numid=213,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 5’
numid=258,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 50’
numid=259,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 51’
numid=260,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 52’
numid=261,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 53’
numid=262,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 54’
numid=263,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 55’
numid=264,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 56’
numid=265,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 57’
numid=266,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 58’
numid=267,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 59’
numid=214,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 6’
numid=268,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 60’
numid=269,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 61’
numid=270,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 62’
numid=271,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 63’
numid=215,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 7’
numid=216,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 8’
numid=217,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Byte Map 9’
numid=276,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Input Channels’
numid=567,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Mux’
numid=272,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Output1 Channels’
numid=273,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Output2 Channels’
numid=274,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Output3 Channels’
numid=275,iface=MIXER,name=‘ADX2 Output4 Channels’
numid=547,iface=MIXER,name=‘AFC1 Mux’
numid=548,iface=MIXER,name=‘AFC2 Mux’
numid=549,iface=MIXER,name=‘AFC3 Mux’
numid=550,iface=MIXER,name=‘AFC4 Mux’
numid=551,iface=MIXER,name=‘AFC5 Mux’
numid=552,iface=MIXER,name=‘AFC6 Mux’
numid=1,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 0’
numid=2,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 1’
numid=11,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 10’
numid=12,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 11’
numid=13,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 12’
numid=14,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 13’
numid=15,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 14’
numid=16,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 15’
numid=17,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 16’
numid=18,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 17’
numid=19,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 18’
numid=20,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 19’
numid=3,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 2’
numid=21,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 20’
numid=22,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 21’
numid=23,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 22’
numid=24,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 23’
numid=25,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 24’
numid=26,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 25’
numid=27,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 26’
numid=28,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 27’
numid=29,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 28’
numid=30,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 29’
numid=4,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 3’
numid=31,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 30’
numid=32,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 31’
numid=33,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 32’
numid=34,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 33’
numid=35,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 34’
numid=36,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 35’
numid=37,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 36’
numid=38,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 37’
numid=39,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 38’
numid=40,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 39’
numid=5,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 4’
numid=41,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 40’
numid=42,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 41’
numid=43,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 42’
numid=44,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 43’
numid=45,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 44’
numid=46,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 45’
numid=47,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 46’
numid=48,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 47’
numid=49,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 48’
numid=50,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 49’
numid=6,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 5’
numid=51,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 50’
numid=52,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 51’
numid=53,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 52’
numid=54,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 53’
numid=55,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 54’
numid=56,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 55’
numid=57,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 56’
numid=58,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 57’
numid=59,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 58’
numid=60,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 59’
numid=7,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 6’
numid=61,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 60’
numid=62,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 61’
numid=63,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 62’
numid=64,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 63’
numid=8,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 7’
numid=9,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 8’
numid=10,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Byte Map 9’
numid=66,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Input1 Channels’
numid=67,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Input2 Channels’
numid=68,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Input3 Channels’
numid=69,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Input4 Channels’
numid=65,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1 Output Channels’
numid=558,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1-1 Mux’
numid=559,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1-2 Mux’
numid=560,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1-3 Mux’
numid=561,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX1-4 Mux’
numid=70,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 0’
numid=71,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 1’
numid=80,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 10’
numid=81,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 11’
numid=82,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 12’
numid=83,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 13’
numid=84,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 14’
numid=85,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 15’
numid=86,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 16’
numid=87,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 17’
numid=88,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 18’
numid=89,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 19’
numid=72,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 2’
numid=90,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 20’
numid=91,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 21’
numid=92,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 22’
numid=93,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 23’
numid=94,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 24’
numid=95,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 25’
numid=96,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 26’
numid=97,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 27’
numid=98,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 28’
numid=99,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 29’
numid=73,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 3’
numid=100,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 30’
numid=101,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 31’
numid=102,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 32’
numid=103,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 33’
numid=104,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 34’
numid=105,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 35’
numid=106,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 36’
numid=107,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 37’
numid=108,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 38’
numid=109,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 39’
numid=74,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 4’
numid=110,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 40’
numid=111,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 41’
numid=112,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 42’
numid=113,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 43’
numid=114,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 44’
numid=115,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 45’
numid=116,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 46’
numid=117,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 47’
numid=118,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 48’
numid=119,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 49’
numid=75,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 5’
numid=120,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 50’
numid=121,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 51’
numid=122,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 52’
numid=123,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 53’
numid=124,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 54’
numid=125,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 55’
numid=126,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 56’
numid=127,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 57’
numid=128,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 58’
numid=129,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 59’
numid=76,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 6’
numid=130,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 60’
numid=131,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 61’
numid=132,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 62’
numid=133,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 63’
numid=77,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 7’
numid=78,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 8’
numid=79,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Byte Map 9’
numid=135,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Input1 Channels’
numid=136,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Input2 Channels’
numid=137,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Input3 Channels’
numid=138,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Input4 Channels’
numid=134,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2 Output Channels’
numid=562,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2-1 Mux’
numid=563,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2-2 Mux’
numid=564,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2-3 Mux’
numid=565,iface=MIXER,name=‘AMX2-4 Mux’
numid=473,iface=MIXER,name=‘APE Reg Dump’
numid=568,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder1 RX1’
numid=577,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder1 RX10’
numid=569,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder1 RX2’
numid=570,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder1 RX3’
numid=571,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder1 RX4’
numid=572,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder1 RX5’
numid=573,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder1 RX6’
numid=574,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder1 RX7’
numid=575,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder1 RX8’
numid=576,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder1 RX9’
numid=578,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder2 RX1’
numid=587,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder2 RX10’
numid=579,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder2 RX2’
numid=580,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder2 RX3’
numid=581,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder2 RX4’
numid=582,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder2 RX5’
numid=583,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder2 RX6’
numid=584,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder2 RX7’
numid=585,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder2 RX8’
numid=586,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder2 RX9’
numid=588,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder3 RX1’
numid=597,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder3 RX10’
numid=589,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder3 RX2’
numid=590,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder3 RX3’
numid=591,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder3 RX4’
numid=592,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder3 RX5’
numid=593,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder3 RX6’
numid=594,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder3 RX7’
numid=595,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder3 RX8’
numid=596,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder3 RX9’
numid=598,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder4 RX1’
numid=607,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder4 RX10’
numid=599,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder4 RX2’
numid=600,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder4 RX3’
numid=601,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder4 RX4’
numid=602,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder4 RX5’
numid=603,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder4 RX6’
numid=604,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder4 RX7’
numid=605,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder4 RX8’
numid=606,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder4 RX9’
numid=608,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder5 RX1’
numid=617,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder5 RX10’
numid=609,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder5 RX2’
numid=610,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder5 RX3’
numid=611,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder5 RX4’
numid=612,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder5 RX5’
numid=613,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder5 RX6’
numid=614,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder5 RX7’
numid=615,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder5 RX8’
numid=616,iface=MIXER,name=‘Adder5 RX9’
numid=498,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC1 Boost Gain’
numid=500,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC1 Capture mono to stereo conv’
numid=501,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC1 Capture stereo to mono conv’
numid=504,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC1 Channels’
numid=499,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC1 Controller Channel Select’
numid=506,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC1 LR Select’
numid=505,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC1 OSR Value’
numid=503,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC1 Sample Rate’
numid=502,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC1 output bit format’
numid=507,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC2 Boost Gain’
numid=509,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC2 Capture mono to stereo conv’
numid=510,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC2 Capture stereo to mono conv’
numid=513,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC2 Channels’
numid=508,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC2 Controller Channel Select’
numid=515,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC2 LR Select’
numid=514,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC2 OSR Value’
numid=512,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC2 Sample Rate’
numid=511,iface=MIXER,name=‘DMIC2 output bit format’
numid=537,iface=MIXER,name=‘MIXER1-1 Mux’
numid=546,iface=MIXER,name=‘MIXER1-10 Mux’
numid=538,iface=MIXER,name=‘MIXER1-2 Mux’
numid=539,iface=MIXER,name=‘MIXER1-3 Mux’
numid=540,iface=MIXER,name=‘MIXER1-4 Mux’
numid=541,iface=MIXER,name=‘MIXER1-5 Mux’
numid=542,iface=MIXER,name=‘MIXER1-6 Mux’
numid=543,iface=MIXER,name=‘MIXER1-7 Mux’
numid=544,iface=MIXER,name=‘MIXER1-8 Mux’
numid=545,iface=MIXER,name=‘MIXER1-9 Mux’
numid=348,iface=MIXER,name=‘MVC1 Bits’
numid=349,iface=MIXER,name=‘MVC1 Channels’
numid=347,iface=MIXER,name=‘MVC1 Curve Type’
numid=346,iface=MIXER,name=‘MVC1 Mute’
numid=556,iface=MIXER,name=‘MVC1 Mux’
numid=345,iface=MIXER,name=‘MVC1 Vol’
numid=350,iface=MIXER,name=‘MVC1 input bit format’
numid=354,iface=MIXER,name=‘MVC2 Bits’
numid=355,iface=MIXER,name=‘MVC2 Channels’
numid=353,iface=MIXER,name=‘MVC2 Curve Type’
numid=352,iface=MIXER,name=‘MVC2 Mute’
numid=557,iface=MIXER,name=‘MVC2 Mux’
numid=351,iface=MIXER,name=‘MVC2 Vol’
numid=356,iface=MIXER,name=‘MVC2 input bit format’
numid=312,iface=MIXER,name=‘Mixer Enable’
numid=553,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 Mux’
numid=399,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 direction peq to mbdrc’
numid=393,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc attack gain’
numid=382,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc fast attack factor’
numid=387,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc fast attack tc’
numid=383,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc fast release factor’
numid=395,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc fast release gain’
numid=376,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc filter structure’
numid=377,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc frame size’
numid=398,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc high band biquad coeffs’
numid=384,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc iir stages’
numid=385,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc in attack tc’
numid=386,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc in release tc’
numid=388,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc in threshold’
numid=392,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc init gain’
numid=396,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc low band biquad coeffs’
numid=391,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc makeup gain’
numid=381,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc master volume’
numid=397,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc mid band biquad coeffs’
numid=378,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc mode’
numid=389,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc out threshold’
numid=375,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc peak-rms mode’
numid=390,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc ratio’
numid=394,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc release gain’
numid=379,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc rms offset’
numid=380,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 mbdrc shift control’
numid=357,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq active’
numid=358,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq biquad stages’
numid=359,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq channel0 biquad gain params’
numid=367,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq channel0 biquad shift params’
numid=360,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq channel1 biquad gain params’
numid=368,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq channel1 biquad shift params’
numid=361,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq channel2 biquad gain params’
numid=369,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq channel2 biquad shift params’
numid=362,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq channel3 biquad gain params’
numid=370,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq channel3 biquad shift params’
numid=363,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq channel4 biquad gain params’
numid=371,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq channel4 biquad shift params’
numid=364,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq channel5 biquad gain params’
numid=372,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq channel5 biquad shift params’
numid=365,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq channel6 biquad gain params’
numid=373,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq channel6 biquad shift params’
numid=366,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq channel7 biquad gain params’
numid=374,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE1 peq channel7 biquad shift params’
numid=554,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 Mux’
numid=442,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 direction peq to mbdrc’
numid=436,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc attack gain’
numid=425,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc fast attack factor’
numid=430,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc fast attack tc’
numid=426,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc fast release factor’
numid=438,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc fast release gain’
numid=419,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc filter structure’
numid=420,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc frame size’
numid=441,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc high band biquad coeffs’
numid=427,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc iir stages’
numid=428,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc in attack tc’
numid=429,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc in release tc’
numid=431,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc in threshold’
numid=435,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc init gain’
numid=439,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc low band biquad coeffs’
numid=434,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc makeup gain’
numid=424,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc master volume’
numid=440,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc mid band biquad coeffs’
numid=421,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc mode’
numid=432,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc out threshold’
numid=418,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc peak-rms mode’
numid=433,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc ratio’
numid=437,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc release gain’
numid=422,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc rms offset’
numid=423,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 mbdrc shift control’
numid=400,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq active’
numid=401,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq biquad stages’
numid=402,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq channel0 biquad gain params’
numid=410,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq channel0 biquad shift params’
numid=403,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq channel1 biquad gain params’
numid=411,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq channel1 biquad shift params’
numid=404,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq channel2 biquad gain params’
numid=412,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq channel2 biquad shift params’
numid=405,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq channel3 biquad gain params’
numid=413,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq channel3 biquad shift params’
numid=406,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq channel4 biquad gain params’
numid=414,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq channel4 biquad shift params’
numid=407,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq channel5 biquad gain params’
numid=415,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq channel5 biquad shift params’
numid=408,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq channel6 biquad gain params’
numid=416,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq channel6 biquad shift params’
numid=409,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq channel7 biquad gain params’
numid=417,iface=MIXER,name=‘OPE2 peq channel7 biquad shift params’
numid=297,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX1 Channels’
numid=277,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX1 Gain’
numid=287,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX1 Gain Instant’
numid=306,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX10 Channels’
numid=286,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX10 Gain’
numid=296,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX10 Gain Instant’
numid=298,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX2 Channels’
numid=278,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX2 Gain’
numid=288,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX2 Gain Instant’
numid=299,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX3 Channels’
numid=279,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX3 Gain’
numid=289,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX3 Gain Instant’
numid=300,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX4 Channels’
numid=280,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX4 Gain’
numid=290,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX4 Gain Instant’
numid=301,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX5 Channels’
numid=281,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX5 Gain’
numid=291,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX5 Gain Instant’
numid=302,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX6 Channels’
numid=282,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX6 Gain’
numid=292,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX6 Gain Instant’
numid=303,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX7 Channels’
numid=283,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX7 Gain’
numid=293,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX7 Gain Instant’
numid=304,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX8 Channels’
numid=284,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX8 Gain’
numid=294,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX8 Gain Instant’
numid=305,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX9 Channels’
numid=285,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX9 Gain’
numid=295,iface=MIXER,name=‘RX9 Gain Instant’
numid=317,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC1 Channels’
numid=533,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC1 Mux’
numid=318,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC1 init’
numid=315,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC1 input bit format’
numid=313,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC1 input rate’
numid=319,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC1 input stereo conv’
numid=316,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC1 output bit format’
numid=320,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC1 output mono conv’
numid=314,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC1 output rate’
numid=325,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC2 Channels’
numid=534,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC2 Mux’
numid=326,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC2 init’
numid=323,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC2 input bit format’
numid=321,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC2 input rate’
numid=327,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC2 input stereo conv’
numid=324,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC2 output bit format’
numid=328,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC2 output mono conv’
numid=322,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC2 output rate’
numid=333,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC3 Channels’
numid=535,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC3 Mux’
numid=334,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC3 init’
numid=331,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC3 input bit format’
numid=329,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC3 input rate’
numid=335,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC3 input stereo conv’
numid=332,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC3 output bit format’
numid=336,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC3 output mono conv’
numid=330,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC3 output rate’
numid=341,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC4 Channels’
numid=536,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC4 Mux’
numid=342,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC4 init’
numid=339,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC4 input bit format’
numid=337,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC4 input rate’
numid=343,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC4 input stereo conv’
numid=340,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC4 output bit format’
numid=344,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC4 output mono conv’
numid=338,iface=MIXER,name=‘SFC4 output rate’
numid=555,iface=MIXER,name=‘SPKPROT1 Mux’
numid=307,iface=MIXER,name=‘TX1 Channels’
numid=308,iface=MIXER,name=‘TX2 Channels’
numid=309,iface=MIXER,name=‘TX3 Channels’
numid=310,iface=MIXER,name=‘TX4 Channels’
numid=311,iface=MIXER,name=‘TX5 Channels’
numid=517,iface=MIXER,name=‘codec-x format’
numid=516,iface=MIXER,name=‘codec-x rate’

  1. amixer -c tegrasndt210ref sget “ADMAIF1 Mux” has :
    Simple mixer control ‘ADMAIF1 Mux’,0
    Capabilities: enum
    Items: ‘None’ ‘ADMAIF1’ ‘ADMAIF2’ ‘ADMAIF3’ ‘ADMAIF4’ ‘ADMAIF5’ ‘ADMAIF6’ ‘ADMAIF7’ ‘ADMAIF8’ ‘ADMAIF9’ ‘ADMAIF10’ ‘I2S1’ ‘I2S2’ ‘I2S3’ ‘I2S4’ ‘I2S5’ ‘SFC1’ ‘SFC2’ ‘SFC3’ ‘SFC4’ ‘MIXER1-1’ ‘MIXER1-2’ ‘MIXER1-3’ ‘MIXER1-4’ ‘MIXER1-5’ ‘AMX1’ ‘AMX2’ ‘AFC1’ ‘AFC2’ ‘AFC3’ ‘AFC4’ ‘AFC5’ ‘AFC6’ ‘OPE1’ ‘OPE2’ ‘SPKPROT1’ ‘MVC1’ ‘MVC2’ ‘IQC1-1’ ‘IQC1-2’ ‘IQC2-1’ ‘IQC2-2’ ‘DMIC1’ ‘DMIC2’ ‘DMIC3’ ‘ADX1-1’ ‘ADX1-2’ ‘ADX1-3’ ‘ADX1-4’ ‘ADX2-1’ ‘ADX2-2’ ‘ADX2-3’ ‘ADX2-4’
    Item0: ‘I2S4’


OK so that looks good. Have you tried capturing audio?

$ arecord -D hw:tegrasnd210ref,0 -c <num-channels> -r <sample-rate> -f <sample-size> -d 10 cap.wav


Yes , I have. But when I try “arecord -D hw:tegrasnd210ref,0 -c 1 -r 44100 -f S16_LE -d 10 cap.wav” I get “ALSA lib pcm_hw.c:1713:(_snd_pcm_hw_open) Invalid value for card
arecord: main:788: audio open error: No such device”
When I try to record by Audacity (Recording device = default) I get noise as result.


Please can you try …

$ alsactl init tegrasndt210ref
$ arecord -D hw:tegrasndt210ref,0 -c 1 -r 44100 -f S16_LE -d 10 cap.wav

If this still shows the problem then please show the output from the following …

$ echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace
$ echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/enable
$ echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/tracing_on
$ echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/asoc/snd_soc_dapm_widget_power/enable
$ arecord -D hw:tegrasnd210ref,0 -c 1 -r 44100 -f S16_LE -d 10 cap.wav
$ sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace



  1. alsactl init tegrasnd210ref => “alsactl: init:1776: Cannot find soundcard ‘tegrasnd210ref’…”
  2. arecord -D hw:tegrasnd210ref,0 -c 1 -r 44100 -f S16_LE -d 10 cap.wav => ALSA lib pcm_hw.c:1713:(_snd_pcm_hw_open) Invalid value for card
    arecord: main:788: audio open error: No such device
  3. echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace => 0
  4. echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/enable => 0
  5. echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/tracing_on => 1
  6. echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/asoc/snd_soc_dapm_widget_power/enable => 1
  7. arecord -D hw:tegrasnd210ref,0 -c 1 -r 44100 -f S16_LE -d 10 cap.wav => ALSA lib pcm_hw.c:1713:(_snd_pcm_hw_open) Invalid value for card
    arecord: main:788: audio open error: No such device
  8. sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace =>
 tracer: nop
# entries-in-buffer/entries-written: 0/0   #P:4
#                              _-----=> irqs-off
#                             / _----=> need-resched
#                            | / _---=> hardirq/softirq
#                            || / _--=> preempt-depth
#                            ||| /     delay
#           TASK-PID   CPU#  ||||    TIMESTAMP  FUNCTION
#              | |       |   ||||       |         |


Sorry I was missing a ‘t’ in the soundcard name. Please try …

$ alsactl init tegrasndt210ref
$ arecord -D hw:tegrasndt210ref,0 -c 1 -r 44100 -f S16_LE -d 10 cap.wav


Well, I have tried those commands and get noise as in Audacity case. I’ve noticed very fast time recording - just near 1 second instead normal 10s. Audio file duration - 10 sec. So I have tried to estimate SCK frequency by direct measurement - it is near 20MHz on my oscilloscope. (Samplerate FS=44100Hz). A command “$arecord -D hw:tegrasndt210ref,0 -c 1 -r 8000 -f S16_LE -d 100 cap.wav” produce Fsck = 3.3Mhz, others similar: FS=11025 => Fsck = 4.5MHz, FS=22050 => Fsck = 8.9-9Mhz. I think, it is not normal values.


If it capturing 10 secs of audio in a shorter period of time, then it can be one of two things …

  1. The Jetson I2S is not configured as master
  2. The audio is not being routed from the I2S interface as expected then the DMA captures the samples.

For #1, by default Jetson is the I2S master. It can be modified by either device-tree or via the appropriate mixer control. Have you made any modifications to device-tree? You can check the mixer control by …

$ amixer -c tegrasndt210ref cget name="I2S4 Codec Master Mode"

For #2, we can check this by seeing the output from (now I have corrected the soundcard name) …

$ echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace
$ echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/enable
$ echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/tracing_on
$ echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/asoc/snd_soc_dapm_widget_power/enable
$ arecord -D hw:tegrasnd210tref,0 -c 1 -r 44100 -f S16_LE -d 10 cap.wav
$ sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace


This is my results:

dim@dim-desktop:~$ amixer -c tegrasndt210ref cget name="I2S4 Codec Master Mode"
amixer: Cannot find the given element from control hw:1

dim@dim-desktop:~$ echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace
dim@dim-desktop:~$ echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/enable
dim@dim-desktop:~$ echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/tracing_on
dim@dim-desktop:~$ echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/asoc/snd_soc_dapm_widget_power/enable
dim@dim-desktop:~$ arecord -D hw:tegrasnd210tref,0 -c 1 -r 44100 -f S16_LE -d 10 cap.wav
ALSA lib pcm_hw.c:1713:(_snd_pcm_hw_open) Invalid value for card
arecord: main:788: audio open error: No such device
dim@dim-desktop:~$ sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace
# tracer: nop
# entries-in-buffer/entries-written: 0/0   #P:4
#                              _-----=> irqs-off
#                             / _----=> need-resched
#                            | / _---=> hardirq/softirq
#                            || / _--=> preempt-depth
#                            ||| /     delay
#           TASK-PID   CPU#  ||||    TIMESTAMP  FUNCTION
#              | |       |   ||||       |         |


What does the following show …

$ amixer -c tegrasndt210ref controls | grep I2S4

If you see the ‘I2S4 Codec Master Mode’ control, make sure there is not a problem with the quotes again. Could be worth typing if there are issues copying. Note that all the I2S mixer controls are documented here for reference.

Oops looks like I still have the soundcard name wrong …

$ echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace
$ echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/enable
$ echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/tracing_on
$ echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/asoc/snd_soc_dapm_widget_power/enable
$ arecord -D hw:tegrasndt210ref,0 -c 1 -r 44100 -f S16_LE -d 10 cap.wav
$ sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace


The next block of results:

dim@dim-desktop:~$ amixer -c tegrasndt210ref controls | grep I2S4
numid=480,iface=MIXER,name='I2S4 BCLK Ratio'
numid=482,iface=MIXER,name='I2S4 Capture mono to stereo conv'
numid=481,iface=MIXER,name='I2S4 Capture stereo to mono conv'
numid=479,iface=MIXER,name='I2S4 Channels'
numid=474,iface=MIXER,name='I2S4 Loopback'
numid=531,iface=MIXER,name='I2S4 Mux'
numid=485,iface=MIXER,name='I2S4 Playback FIFO threshold'
numid=484,iface=MIXER,name='I2S4 Playback mono to stereo conv'
numid=483,iface=MIXER,name='I2S4 Playback stereo to mono conv'
numid=478,iface=MIXER,name='I2S4 Sample Rate'
numid=476,iface=MIXER,name='I2S4 codec bit format'
numid=618,iface=MIXER,name='I2S4 codec frame mode'
numid=619,iface=MIXER,name='I2S4 codec master mode'
numid=477,iface=MIXER,name='I2S4 fsync width'
numid=475,iface=MIXER,name='I2S4 input bit format'
dim@dim-desktop:~$ echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace
[sudo] password for dim: 
dim@dim-desktop:~$ echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/enable
dim@dim-desktop:~$ echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/tracing_on
dim@dim-desktop:~$ echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/asoc/snd_soc_dapm_widget_power/enable
dim@dim-desktop:~$ arecord -D hw:tegrasndt210ref,0 -c 1 -r 44100 -f S16_LE -d 10 cap.wav
Recording WAVE 'cap.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 44100 Hz, Mono
dim@dim-desktop:~$ sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace
# tracer: nop
# entries-in-buffer/entries-written: 30/30   #P:4
#                              _-----=> irqs-off
#                             / _----=> need-resched
#                            | / _---=> hardirq/softirq
#                            || / _--=> preempt-depth
#                            ||| /     delay
#           TASK-PID   CPU#  ||||    TIMESTAMP  FUNCTION
#              | |       |   ||||       |         |
         arecord-8310  [003] ....   200.128923: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=Capture 1 val=1
         arecord-8310  [003] ....   200.128928: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=ADMAIF1 Transmit val=1
         arecord-8310  [003] ....   200.128930: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=ADMAIF1 TX val=1
         arecord-8310  [003] ....   200.128931: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=ADMAIF1 Mux val=1
         arecord-8310  [003] ....   200.128943: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=I2S4 RX val=1
         arecord-8310  [003] ....   200.128945: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=I2S4 Receive val=1
         arecord-8310  [003] ....   200.128946: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=I2S4 CIF Transmit-I2S4 Receive val=1
         arecord-8310  [003] ....   200.128947: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=I2S4 CIF Transmit val=1
         arecord-8310  [003] ....   200.128948: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=I2S4 CIF TX val=1
         arecord-8310  [003] ....   200.128950: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=I2S4 DAP RX val=1
         arecord-8310  [003] ....   200.128951: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=I2S4 DAP Receive val=1
         arecord-8310  [003] ....   200.128952: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=x Capture-I2S4 DAP Receive val=1
         arecord-8310  [003] ....   200.128954: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=x Capture val=1
         arecord-8310  [003] ....   200.128955: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=x IN val=1
         arecord-8310  [003] ....   200.128956: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=x Mic val=1
         arecord-8310  [000] ....   200.557074: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=Capture 1 val=0
         arecord-8310  [000] ....   200.557107: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=ADMAIF1 Transmit val=0
         arecord-8310  [000] ....   200.557121: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=ADMAIF1 TX val=0
         arecord-8310  [000] ....   200.557134: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=ADMAIF1 Mux val=0
         arecord-8310  [000] ....   200.557187: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=I2S4 RX val=0
         arecord-8310  [000] ....   200.557204: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=I2S4 Receive val=0
         arecord-8310  [000] ....   200.557217: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=I2S4 CIF Transmit-I2S4 Receive val=0
         arecord-8310  [000] ....   200.557230: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=I2S4 CIF Transmit val=0
         arecord-8310  [000] ....   200.557242: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=I2S4 CIF TX val=0
         arecord-8310  [000] ....   200.557253: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=I2S4 DAP RX val=0
         arecord-8310  [000] ....   200.557265: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=I2S4 DAP Receive val=0
         arecord-8310  [000] ....   200.557277: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=x Capture-I2S4 DAP Receive val=0
         arecord-8310  [000] ....   200.557289: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=x Capture val=0
         arecord-8310  [000] ....   200.557301: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=x IN val=0
         arecord-8310  [000] ....   200.557311: snd_soc_dapm_widget_power: widget=x Mic val=0


So this is the mixer control you want to read. Looks like there is a documentation error and it is documented as ‘Codec Master Mode’ and not ‘codec master mode’. We will fix this.

Can you read this mixer control?


Yes, i can read and change “I2S4 codec master mode” via AlsaMixer. It has 2 values “cbs-cfc” (where I can see I2S clocks on my mic) and “cbm-cfm” (any clocks not present).

Also when I select low sample rate FS=8KHz and Input Device “Tegra-snd-t210ref-mobile-rt565x: - (hw: 1,0)” - Audacity I can get signal, like normal mic voice (in time domain), but it just similar. It has no voice information - just randomly pulsing tone:

Fsck value is higher than normal , over 3MHz.


Yes ‘cbs-cfs’ is what you want. According to the mic data-sheet it states that …

“The slave serial-data port’s format is I²S, 24-bit, twos complement. There must be 64 SCK cycles in each WS stereo frame, or 32 SCK cycles per data-word.”

So I think that you want to use S32_LE for the sample size and not S16_LE.

What do you mean that fsync is higer over 3MHz? If fsync the correct rate at 8kHz? It should be the correct rate at 44.1kHz as well. Are you able to measure the bit-clock and fsync frequencies?


Any changes in sample size, sample rates, doesn’t improve record signal quality. I think it is because Fsck is higher than it can be possible. For sample rate 8kHz, i see Fsck=3.26Mhz, but assuming 32bit data,2ch, and sample rate 8000Hz we get Fsck = 32x2x8000= 512kHz, not 3.26MHz. However, signal Fsck generate by Jetson Nano board, not by mic, and depends on the sample rate change up to 44100, where Fsck=19.4Mhz. When I try to set sample rate to 88400 I also get Fsck=18Mhz (command arecord -D hw:tegrasndt210ref,0 -c 2 -r 88400 -f S32_LE -d 100 cap.wav). I don’t know how to decrease Fsck. Thank you.